Pol Espargaró: "This podium is worth more than the one in Austria"

"In Austria we had everything very clear, but when you arrive 12 seconds behind the first like last week, and today four seconds behind Maverick ...", says the KTM.


Felicísimo finished Pol Espargaró with his third place in the GP of Emilia Romagna. It is the second podium that he has achieved with the KTM on wet asphalt, and the third with the one achieved in the rain in Valencia. This he said at the post-battle press conference:

-How was it to put the soft tire on the grid?

-It was a difficult decision, because until very late yesterday I was thinking about what to do today, and after the warm up I was not convinced to use the soft rear. But I have told myself that if we repeated the same mistake from last week of betting on the middle and it didn't work for me again, it would be making the same mistake twice. I thought, 'Let's try the soft and enjoy the first 15 laps of the race, and then see what happens.' He had a good performance, he was one second behind Maverick and had Fabio one second behind. But 10 Laps from the end the tire dropped a lot, it was hard for me to enter the corners and there have been some moments when I was about to go out through the ears. I knew that there was Fabio and that the weak point of the Yamaha is that if you annihilate his passage through a corner, you annihilate the Yamaha. I was trying to speed up the braking, lift the bike and use the power of the KTM to keep him behind. I knew I could overtake, so I was only trying to delay the moment to the maximum. With the penalty to Fabio I was able to reach the podium, so I am very satisfied.

-Is the podium even more valuable after a difficult first race at Misano?

-This podium is worth more than the one in Austria. In Austria we had everything very clear, the bike worked perfectly in all the sessions and when you feel that everything is in its place, you can beat the first and hope that there will be good results. But when you are 12 seconds behind the first like last week, and today we are four seconds behind Maverick ... And we lost the seconds at the end of the race for the tire. There you realize how surprising the result is. We are delighted and this was one of the races on the calendar, together with Barcelona, in which we were going to suffer. It seems that after Barcelona the championship can improve for us.

-Do you really still want to go to Honda?

-When you make a decision, you usually do it to get better. Normally, when you make a decision, you do it taking into account all the factors. You put everything on the table and choose the best decision. Now I still think that I can be faster with a Honda, but in case I didn't think about it, I can say that the moment you make a decision, you don't make it to get worse. When you take it, you put everything on the table and think what is better. Going back in time to say 'I should have done this another or now it's a bad decision ...' is a waste of time. Every time you make a decision, it is for the better. If you take it to be in a worse situation, either it is because they are going to give you a lot of money or you are stupid. At the moment, I am convinced that I can achieve the same results with the Honda. And if not, I'll take my time and try to get it. It is what I have done with KTM in the last four years. We started last in Qatar four years ago and now we are on the podium. If I can do it, I'll try to get it on the Honda, fighting again. "

-Joan says the championship starts now

I agree 100%. Today we got a lot of points and we have positioned ourselves well in the championship, close to the leading drivers. If we can survive Barcelona, which even though it is my home race, it is a circuit in which we normally suffer with the KTM, we can go fast in Aragon, in Valencia, Portimao is a new circuit, in Le Mans we were very fast last year ... It seems that from there the championship for us is as if it were on a downward slope. I really want to see what we can do in Barcelona and from there enjoy the last part of the championship.

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