Pernat charges against Puig: "They should kick him out of Honda"

The one who was a team manager, representative and driver mentor, pointed to the Repsol Honda main team as the main person responsible for the crisis at the golden wing factory.


The crisis that Honda is going through, and more specifically the Repsol team with the loss of Márquez, is one of the open debates in the world of motorcycling. And in this line Carlo Pernat charged hard against Alberto Puig in the page video blog that is broadcast daily on YouTube.

The one who was team manager, representative and mentor of several riders, pointed to the main Repsol Honda team as the main responsible for the orange team being last in the team classification and that the golden wing factory is third to last in constructors only by in front of Aprilia.

A spectator asked Pernat if Puig should not be thrown out, to which the Italian responded bluntly: "He's right. Puig should be thrown out, seeing the results, everything he has screwed up and everything that is happening. The first The head that should be cut off is theirs. It would be good for them in the future. Because they will continue to do something silly. I don't know which one, but they will do it ".

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