PCR tests re-create tension on rest day

The 156 runners still in the race had to pass them. Two positives in the same team lead to immediate expulsion from the formation.


The 156 riders and the rest of the Tour bubble passed the PCR tests corresponding to the second rest day. The first wave left four positives in four auxiliaries, from Ineos, Ag2r, Cofidis and Mitchelton, as well as a worker from the organization and the race director, Christian Prudhomme. Quarantined this second week of competition, Prudhomme will rejoin tomorrow if his tests come back negative.

Regarding the tests, the French Ministry of Health confirmed that the COVID-19 counters will be reset to zero again. Thus, Ineos, Cofidis, Ag2r and Mitchelton do not risk an expulsion unless two cases appear in the new analyzes, even though they already had one. The protocol includes a period of time of seven days, but focused on monitoring contacts and ruling out sources of infection, not establishing a punishment even if there are two infections in a week.

At Ineos, Cofidis, Ag2r and Mitchelton breathed easy when the health authorities said there will be no exclusions. In principle, neither member of the technical staff had symptoms, because the teams try to ensure that each person lives and works in isolation from the others and, above all, from the cyclists. Even so, the Tour passed through red zones, the goals of Lyon and the Grand Colombier were closed to the public and uncertainty continues to be very present.

Photos from as.com

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