Obradoiro adds his second win after an exciting finish

The Galician team is still up in the standings, although this time they suffered more to win than on the first day. Birutis and Beliauskas, the best.


Monbus Obradoiro has achieved a valuable victory against Baxi Manresa (76-80) at the Nou Congost after a clash with too many errors with 17 losses for the Manresa and 21 for the Galicians, who had more serenity in the final moments of the match take the victory with two Lithuanians in great shape: forward Laurynas Beliauskas (15 points) and center Laurynas Birutis (14 and 5 rebounds), along with Canadian guard Kassius Robertson (14 points). Too bad the 12 points and 11 assists from Manresa point guard Dani Pérez.

The clash between two of the teams that have signed the most this season, with seven for Baxi Manresa and eight for Obradoiro, was interesting, the Manresa had come from beating Estudiantes in Madrid (84-88) with a great game by Guillem Jou and the incombustible Rafa Martínez, both with 16 points.

El Obradoiro clearly defeated Fuenlabrada (101-82) with an extraordinary encounter between one of their signings, the young Lithuanian center Laurynas Birutis (23 years old and 2.13 meters), with 27 points and 12 rebounds (1st round MVP) .

The Manresa were cold and the Galicians, through the Lithuanians Birutis and Beliauskas and the American Mike Daum left the score at 4-13 (m.4). Dani Pérez began to move quickly to Manresa and a triple by Estherton tightened the score (13-15 m.7) .

All a veteran like Albert Oliver (42 years old) happened to take command of Oradoiro's operations and managed to close the first quarter on 15-21 for his team.

The visitors maintained their advantage after a triple by Kassius Robertson (23-38, m.14) and, inexplicably, Moncho Fernández's men failed in attack, lost easy balls (5 in a row) and the Manresa, through pivot Martinas Sajus and Seth Hinrich, added a 10-0 run and were ahead (33-28, m.15) .

Fernández, who had sat Oliver minutes before, returned him to the court and after a triple by Daum and 3 free throws by Robertson his team regained the initiative on the scoreboard at halftime (39-41) .

Pedro Martínez's team had to improve its percentage of triples (1 of 9) in the first half because Layrunas Biritus clearly surpassed his compatriot Martynas Sajus in the paint and the outside shot of Beliauskas and Pozas led to a partial of 0-11 (39-52, m.23) and forced Pedro Martínez to stop the game.

Eulis Báez, Jonathan Tabu and Rafa Martínez came into play and Sajus began to be effective in the paint (46-52, m.26). The Israeli, former Maccabi, Jake Cohen, Robertson and Oliver did the same at the Obradoiro, slowing down the local recovery, although at the end of the quarter the visitors' advantage was only four points (56-60).

With 1 of 14 in triples so far, the last quarter opened with three in a row by the Manresa (Jou and Makai Mason 2) that left the score at 65-68 (m.34) although a 0-5 for Obradoiro forced a new Manresa time (65-73, m.36) .

The Argentine Juampi Vaulet assumed the local attack game (70-73, m.38), Obradoiro failed in attack and Báez tied (75-75) at 1:25 for the end, Beliauskas advanced to Obradoiro (75-77), Makai Mason was missing, 28 seconds to go the triple that could advance to Manresa.

A free kick by Pozas and two more by Mike Daum sentenced the game (76-80) before the desperate attempts from the 6.75 line of the Manresa.

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