Not even the great game of Ante Tomic prevents the defeat of Joventut

MoraBanc Andorra will play the final of the Catalan League. The Principality team rallied 16 points and the great match by Tyson Pérez was one of the keys.


MoraBanc Andorra will play its sixth final in the last seven years after beating Joventut in the first semifinal of the Catalan League 77-75 in a clash with many ups and downs, but Ibon Navarro's men managed to overcome 16 points in the third quarter (39 -45, min. 24) with a key performance by 'Tyson' Pérez (11 points) in the fourth quarter.

Nor the great performance of the former Barça player Ante Tomic, with 22 points and 11 rebounds, has been able to avoid the green-black defeat. It was their first meeting at the Palau Blaugrana, albeit behind closed doors, for Tomic and Pau Ribas with the green-black shirt. The clash began with an off-center Joventut (0 of 9 in triples), but the Andorrans were not fine either (0 of 5). The superiority of Tunde Olumuylwa in the paint and the greater depth of those of Ibon Navarro already opened a gap at the end of the first quarter (20-12) .

Carles Duran's men approached the beginning of the second quarter (22-19, min. 14) after Brodzinasky achieved the first triple from Badalonese (1 of 11). The reaction of MoraBanc, with two triples in a row from Clevin Hannah and good actions from Jelinek, placed a clear 33-19 (min. 17) in electronic.

Ante Tomic took a step forward and his interior actions, along with two free throws by Bassas, halted the streak of those from the Principality (39-31). Joventut came out with five points in a row for a 0-12 run and forced Ibon Navarro to ask for time (39-43, min. 23) .

The mark of the green-black captain Albert Ventura on Hannah slowed the Andorran fluidity and, in addition, Tomic sent Tunde to the bench because he could not stop him and was relieved by Nacho Llovet.

The losses in attack punished MoraBanc and, with 43-51 (min. 26), Tomic, already with 18 points, went to the bank, but the green and black were unstoppable (49-60, min. 29). After a partial in the third quarter of 14-29 (53-60), the Andorrans had to react in the last. Duran returned Tomic to the track, but it was Tyson Pérez who threw his team into a 19-10 run to turn the game around (72-70, min. 37). Tomic was doing well, and Hannah was regaining her fluidity for her team.

With 76-71 and 54 seconds to go, Carles Duran played the card of Pau Ribas and Tomic in attack, managing to cut to the minimum expression (76-75) after two free throws by Ferran Bassas, but only nine seconds and the ball remained for Andorrans. Senglin converted a free throw and Bassas missed, already forced, the last triple (77-75) .

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