Nil Solans scores his second win of the year in Galicia

The former world champion won the Rally Terra da Auga and remains unbeaten in the Nacional de Tierra. Al Attiyah and Pepe López dropouts.


Two victories for Nil Solans in two races of the Nacional de Tierra disputed. That is the triumphant balance of what we have this season for the former world champion, who remains unbeaten after winning the second round of the year in Galicia. More than half a year after achieving the first in Lorca, he has now climbed to the top of the podium in the Rally Terra da Auga, consolidating himself as the leader of the Spanish Championship.

The early abandonment of Nasser Al Attiyah after suffering an outbreak of fire in his car left the event without one of its main protagonists. Pepe López was the closest rival to Solans until an upset forced him to abandon. Since then, the former junior world and WRC3 champion has smoothly dominated the qualifying to the finish line.

The fight for second position has been very close between Alex Villanueva and Gorka Eizmendi, who have accompanied Solans on the podium. Óscar Palomo has been the best classified between the two driving wheels and in the R2 Grant, the Dakarian Cristina Gutiérrez has prevailed among the N5 vehicles and Germán Leal has been the winner in the Dacia Sandero Cup.

Cancellations caused by the coronavirus have decimated the calendar, and there is only one appointment left to be delegated, the Madrid Earth Rally, which will close the season on November 14.

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