Neymar: "Racism and intolerance are unacceptable"

The Brazilian forward showed his feelings about what happened to Álvaro González with a text on Instagram in which he showed his rejection of what happened.

Neymar Jr., who on Sunday was involved in a controversial confrontation with the Spanish defender Álvaro González, wanted to express what he feels about what happened. He has done so through a long message on Instagram, in which he condemns racism. He does so after being sent off for hitting the central defender in the last minutes of PSG's loss to Olympique de Marseille.

During the entire match, the spirits between the two, who already knew each other from La Liga (Álvaro played for Espanyol and Villarreal), were quite heated. Neymar accused the Spaniard of racist insults on several occasions during the match, but the referees did not heed his protests, which greatly annoyed the Brazilian.

For this reason, he wanted to send a message to the whole world. In it, Neymar has expressed that "racism and intolerance are unacceptable" in football. He also claims to be "proud" of being black and asks to put aside the "confrontation" between whites and blacks, which can be "disastrous for both sides." The Brazilian accepts his punishment, but hopes that "the offender will also be punished.

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"Yesterday I rebelled. I was punished with a red letter because he wanted to hit someone who offended me. I thought I could not leave without doing anything because I realized that the managers were not going to do anything, they did not realize it or ignored it During the match I wanted to respond as usual, playing soccer. The facts show that I did not succeed. I rebelled ...

Cursing, aggressions, insults are part of our sport. In dispute, you cannot be loving. I partially understand this boy. It is all part of the game. But racism and intolerance are unacceptable.

I am black, son of black, grandson and great-grandson of black too. I am proud and I do not look different from anyone. Yesterday I wanted those in charge of the game (referees, assistants) to position themselves impartially and understand that there is no place for this prejudiced attitude.

Reflecting and seeing everything that happened, I am saddened by the feeling of hatred that we can provoke when in the tension of the moment we break down.

Should I have ignored it? I do not know yet. Today, with a cold mind, I say yes. But at the right time, my colleagues and I asked for help, and we were ignored. That's the case!

Those of us who are involved in entertainment need to reflect. An action leads to a reaction and it got where it got. I accept my punishment because I should have followed the path of fair play. On the other hand, I hope that the offender is also punished.

Racism exists, but we must stop it. No more, enough!

The boy was a jerk. I too acted like a jerk for getting caught up in it… I still have the privilege of holding my head up today, but we all need to reflect on how not all black and white people are in the same condition. The damage of the confrontation can be disastrous for both sides, whether you are black or white. I don't want to and we shouldn't mix subjects. We do not choose the color of the skin. Before God we are all equal.

Now ... Yesterday I lost in the game and I lacked wisdom. Being in the center of the situation or ignoring racist facts is not going to help. I know. But pacifying these 'anti-racist' movements is our obligation so that the less privileged can receive their defense. We will see each other again and it will be my way, playing football.

Be peaceful! Be peaceful! You know what you said… I know what I did. More love for the world ... "

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