Munir, positive for Covid-19

Sevilla reports the only case after preventive tests carried out this week to their squad before returning to training.


Sevilla reported today that Munir El Haddadi tested positive for Coronavirus after the test he was subjected to last Thursday. The Seville club warns that the attacker is in good health, asymptomatic and that he is isolated following the corresponding health protocol. The Sevilla squad, which is still on vacation, was subjected to a PCR test this week in a preventive manner, according to the club, "with the idea of anticipating any vicissitudes in the face of returning to training."

Munir is located in Madrid, the city in which he was subjected to the test. The forecast for the rest of the Seville squad continues to be to go to the sports city tomorrow to undergo new PCR tests for the return to work and with a view to that European Super Cup that will be played in Budapest in the next 24th September. Munir's positive has already been reported to the competent sports and health authorities, as indicated by the club.

The return to training is set for this Monday, September 7, and that is why Sevilla will submit to new tests tomorrow to their entire squad and coaching staff. It must be remembered that there was already a case of positive for Covid-19 on the campus when Gudelj had to miss the start of the last phase of the Europa League. There is caution in the club for tomorrow's tests and they are confident that Munir will soon return with the squad when he meets the mandatory deadlines.

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