Mourinho needs the best Bale

Tottenham left two points against Newcastle, after Moura overtook the 'Spurs' and Wilson tied at the end of the penalty. Reguilón did not debut.


Against a very weak rival like Steve Bruce's Newcastle, who has worsened what there was with Rafa Benítez, José Mourinho's Tottenham had an attacking festival ... but only managed to pierce the goal once. The spurs, who are suffering from hitting despite the fact that it is the line in which they have the most talent, ask like eating the incorporation of Reguilón, who watched the game from the bench, and Bale, who did it attentively from the bench. harrow. Would the Welshman also leave the game early to avoid traffic? In London, his story will surely be another one.

Above all, it would be curious if they had done so considering that, in the absence of a goal from their team, Newcastle were able to tie the game in the 95th minute thanks to a penalty reviewed by the VAR by Dier's hand. A cruel outcome for the Londoners, who had besieged the rival goal and even Son got to hit the wood twice. His replacement at halftime by Bergwijn suggests some kind of discomfort that could leave the South Korean in dry dock.

Mourinho's goal was converted by Lucas Moura to a pass from Harry Kane, who seemed to end up being sent off after the game for going to protest to the refereeing team for that last hand that the cameras reviewed. Finally, it seems that it was the Portuguese assistant, José Sacramento, who was expelled, although the images do not make it clear and we will have to wait for the arbitration act. Davies, who competes on the left side with Reguilón, made a mistake that was about to cost his team a goal, a sign of the nervousness that always transmits when they sign a young man for your same position.

While, in the Magracas, who offered a very poor game, Darlow, the substitute goalkeeper, gave a real recital that surely made him the man of the game no matter how much Wilson, from eleven meters, who converted the goal that It was worth a point that they did not deserve at any point in the match.

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