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Many people knew that for them today was almost the last chance to achieve their goals on the Tour


Many people knew that today was almost the last chance for them to achieve their goals on the Tour. From the Spanish side, we have seen that Landa has remained at a very similar level during the race, and Enric Mas has progressed. The two are going to dispute fifth place, but the Spaniard is less than a minute away and is a better time trialist than the Basque, so he can overtake him. Roglic is still on your site. We have not seen him falter at any time on this Tour, nor have his team. The question is who will be third, if Porte or López.

The one who had to lend a hand to the Spanish today was Superman himself to drive away Porte, the rest were not obliged to shoot. He could have won another half minute that he was going to need in the face of the time trial. He also had no strength because he has not moved, and we have seen that at the least he has had strength he has tried it. I see it complicated that this Friday there are surprises. There have been days with more favorable terrain and no one has attempted movements. Having the team that Roglic has and his state of form, I don't think anything significant will happen. Everyone will be thinking about Saturday's time trial.

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