Morbidelli: Run away? No, there is an angry Ducati behind "

The poleman refers to "Jack's, and here the start is very far from the first corner and we are sure to suffer on that stretch of the straight."


First pole in MotoGP for Franco Morbidelli, who could well win the GP of Catalonia, as he already did in the GP of San Marino. The Italian-Brazilian is not only fast on one lap, because he also has a very good pace. First spoke in Dazn:

-A few perfect laps ...

-Yes. Today I was very focused and I felt very good and pole position, so I am very happy since we have worked very well with Ramón -Forcada- because we managed to find little things that gradually improved the feeling and in the end In qualifying, I managed to do more fastest laps, but particularly one that allowed me to get to pole. That is not easy at all, especially compared to Fabio, as it is always difficult to beat him on a fast lap and this weekend I have achieved it and for that I am very happy.

-His pace is good too.

-Today the rhythm has also been good. I felt very good, but we will have to see how I feel with the tires.

-Race options for tires?

-Soft safe front and with the rear we are still not sure, because yesterday with the middle we were fast and it will be difficult to choose.

-Will it be possible to escape with a good start?

-Surely not, because we have a very angry Ducati behind, Jack's, and here the start is very far from the first corner and we are sure to suffer on that stretch of the straight. We will have to see where we will be after the first corner and the first lap to try to make a good race from there.

At the official press conference it was expressed as follows:

-Summary of the day?

-I think today has been a fantastic day for us and yesterday I also felt good. We have to continue working in this direction because today we were able to go very fast in FP4 and faster in Q2 ".

-How about in Montmeló with less temperature than in June?

-I think the conditions this weekend are very different from how the GP usually is. They are colder temperatures and the feeling of the tires is the same, in the rear and in the front compared to the usual circumstances and it takes us a little to warm up the tires, but it is the same for all the drivers. It does affect, it is a factor, but it affects everyone.

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