Morbidelli, Quartararo and Rossi for another Yamaha triplet

First pole in MotoGP for the Italian-Brazilian, who will be accompanied by two factory colleagues. Maverick will start 5th, Mir 8th and Dovizioso 17th.


Second triplet of the season in MotoGP Q2 for Yamaha. The previous one was in Misano 1, with Maverick, Morbidelli and Quartararo, and that of the Catalan GP has been by the work and grace of Morbidelli, Quartararo and Rossi, who has brilliantly celebrated their long-awaited renewal announcement with Yamaha, to run next season on the Petronas Yamaha SRT satellite equipment, but with black leg material, ex factory.

Unlike the previous treble for the house of tuning forks, this time there was no continuity in the form of poker because the fourth place was occupied by Miller, who reached the final session from Q1. On this occasion, the fourth Yamaha was Maverick's, in fifth place, while two races ago the fourth M1 was Rossi's in fourth place.

Returning to the lead, honors for a Morbidelli who was the fastest yesterday of the first day and who has now finished with the first pole of his life in the premier class. The Italian-Brazilian already knows what it is to win races in this category, because he did it in Misano 1, and now he is running again as a candidate for victory, because he is fast on one lap and also has a lot of pace. His time of 1: 38.798 with the time already fulfilled is below last year's pole and is very close to the absolute record of the track, set by Lorenzo with the Ducati in 2018 (1: 38.680). In addition, it has given him a 0.210 advantage over his closest pursuer, which is a much larger gap than has been seen so far. For example, in FP4, the top five finished in a 62 thousandth handkerchief.

In the second row, in addition to the aforementioned Miller and Maverick, there will also be a Zarco slot. The third has been for Pol, Mir and Petrucci. And the fourth, for Binder, Nakagami and Oliveira, who crashed while braking at Turn 10, a point where Quartararo had several strains, with problems stopping his Yamaha, which had crossed him several times from side to side. other.

Rins 13º, Aleix 15º, Álex Márquez 18º, Lecuona 19º and Rabat 22º will start behind. Special mention deserves the 17th place of a Dovizioso who leads the general with a point of advantage over Quartararo and Maverick and four over Mir. It looks like this Sunday he will give up the first place in the championship, because the new rear Michelin forces him to change his riding with the Ducati and he does not feel capable. You must sacrifice braking and gain cornering. It is clear to him, but it does not come out, and thus it is very difficult for him to remain leader.

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