Modric on Bale: "He needs to decide what is best for him"

The Croat, in an interview with AFP, spoke of the possible departure of Messi from Barcelona: "It would be a great loss for the prestige of LaLiga."


Luka Modric has also joined in to give his opinion on the possible departure of Leo Messi from Barça, as other players, former footballers and coaches have done, the last case, his teammate in Madrid and captain of the National Team, Sergio Ramos, but also Gareth Bale has spoken about his situation at Real Madrid and about Zidane, in an interview with AFP.

Messi: "It would be a great loss for the prestige of La Liga. You can't keep thinking about the past. It's football and that's it. You have to look ahead. Other players will become stars in their place. When Cristiano left, it was similar and life went on without him at Real Madrid. It will be the same at Barcelona and La Liga without Messi ".

Bale: "Gareth is a great, great player. But his situation is not easy. He always has my support, but he needs to decide what is best for him and what he wants to do now with his career."

Zidane: "He understands the players perfectly. He is one of the best coaches, definitely. What we have achieved is unimaginable and there are still people who say it is luck and they do not give him the recognition he deserves. But hey, he doesn't need it . His results speak for him ".

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