Modric: "Bale needs to know what he wants to do, he's an adult ..."

The Croatian gave an interview to The Times in which he spoke of the complicated relationship between the Welshman and Madrid: "It is a difficult situation for him and for the club."


Luka Modric gave an interview via Zoom to The Times. In it, the Croatian player, who turned 35 this Wednesday, analyzed the situation of his teammate Gareth Bale. Nobody better than Modric, who has shared a dressing room with him for 12 years, to decipher what is going through the head of the Welshman, which does not count for Zidane and whom Madrid intends to give him out this summer, although it will not be an easy task. The Real Madrid midfielder also addressed other issues, such as his transfer to Real Madrid in 2012, his relationship with Mourinho, Cristiano or the Ballon d'Or. These are his impressions.

Gareth Bale: “We have played together for almost 12 years and it is a difficult situation for him and the club. Gareth needs to know what he wants to do. He is a grown man and needs to decide what is best for him. Are you happy here or do you want to try something else? For me, Gareth is still a great player and he still has a lot to offer in football. It just depends on him, if he is hungry enough or willing to move on. I think it does. Whatever happens, if his situation ends here or continues, he can still be a major player. ”

Has played golf with Bale: “Once (laughs). We had a free afternoon, in preseason, three years ago. We were in Detroit or Michigan, and he called me and said, 'Do you want to go golf with me?' I said, 'No, I'm not willing to do it.' And he said, 'Come on, come on, I'll show you.' And I went to him and it was bad, never again. He was a bad teacher. Maybe Gareth taught me wrong and that's why I gave up. "

His transfer to Madrid and negotiations with Daniel Levy, Tottenham president: “I understand Daniel, I had a good relationship with him, he is a tough negotiator. He is fighting for the interests of the club and that is what every president should do, but at the time he was angry with some things. Not so much that Chelsea (his signing) did not happen, because it was difficult since it was a club from the same city and it was difficult to expect Tottenham to let me go but later, with Real Madrid ... He promised me a couple of times that would let me go. He kept his promise but there was a long delay and that's what really frustrated me. Twice he had packed his bags and was almost at the airport, but he changed his mind. He was fighting for the interest of the club. It was difficult for me at the time, I was frustrated but after all this he kept his promise. ”

Fear: “It was not easy for me to live in that situation. Real Madrid could turn to another player, I had that fear in me. So I was frustrated and afraid that he was not doing what he promised me. In the end it did. When I arrived at Real Madrid I called him and thanked him for everything. He kept his promise, but it was really very difficult. "

His relationship with Mourinho, who signed him for Madrid: “I have a special affection for him, for everything he meant to me. Tottenham went to great lengths to appoint him coach because he is a proven winner. In Italy, England and Spain he won things and he knows how to win and I hope he can do the same with Spurs. It's a great thing for Tottenham to be able to bring in someone like him. Win everywhere. Even when people say, 'Ah, he didn't win at Manchester [United]', he won. He won the Europa League and other cups for his quality. He knows how to convey his energy to the players. If he had to say one thing he does so different from the others is how he prepares for the games, it is something incredible, it gives you everything you need to know about the teams, where to do damage and exploit them ".

Cristiano: “Playing with Cristiano was incredible. We had seven incredible years here together, we won so many things with Cristiano in the team and maybe when you weren't at your best, Cristiano could solve the game out of nowhere with his skill, desire, character and quality. Everything was special about him, the way he worked hard in training camp and on the field and so when things don't go well you can always expect him to do something special. ”

Without Cristiano: “Without Cristiano we might need to adapt and play more as a team. We play as a team with him, but when things aren't going well, you need someone who can give you a touch of magic and he used to do it all the time. Without him for two years we have been doing it more as a team, we are more compact, we are closer together on the field, and that is our greatest quality, not depending on a single player ”.

There will be no Ballon d'Or this year: “The people who decide that there will be no Ballon d'Or have their reasons. It's a shame to see players who had an incredible year don't get this chance to lift the best individual trophy out there. I know what it feels like to win it and it's a shame players who may deserve it don't get the chance. If I need to mention a player, Lewandowski ".

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