Mir: "It will be difficult to beat the Yamaha, but it is not impossible"

"I have stretched the medium tire many laps. They made the time with the tire a little cooler, with fewer laps," he says comparing himself to his rivals.


Joan Mir suffered a fall without consequences in the morning, "due to cold rubber", and finished seventh on the first day of MotoGP at the Catalan GP. He was satisfied.

-Balance of the day?

-It has been a difficult day for everyone, with cold on the track, wind and also the track skidding a lot, so it was a good day to practice motorcycling (smiles). I'm happy, because the feeling I have with the bike is good. It is not the best, but it is good. We have a good base to start working. Today's goal has been met and we will see if we can take another little step forward in terms of pace. If the pace slows down a bit, we can make the tires work better.

-Has the fall of the morning worried you that it could alter the program of the day?

-I was worried about the tires. We have five soft front tires, five medium and then the hard one that nobody is going to test, because it is too hard. In Misano we did very well with the one who is the soft here, who was the middle there. We are doing well, I like it and I feel good on the bike, while I don't like the medium so much, so the first thing I thought about the crash was that this soft rubber would no longer work and that we would have to put a new one. That has changed our day and I have worried. I had to mount another 'soft' that later I have not had at the end of FP2. But hey, the crash was without consequences, for pushing a little too much without temperature on the track. I wanted to slow down a little bit later than I could at the time. It was a typical cold rubber drop.

-Are the front brakes on your motorcycle different from that of Rins?

-He wears them covered and I uncovered, but the brake is the same. The pads and tweezers are the same. The only thing that changes is that he needs to have more temperature in the discs than I do and that is why they are covered. It's the only difference.

-Do you see drivers without rhythm getting ahead on the grid?

-I think that will be seen more here than in other circuits, because the tire falls a lot and there is a lot of difference between a new tire and a used one. Doing a lap with a new one can be good for you, but then the race is many laps and you have to be very careful with the gas. We will see people who will be fast on one lap but then will have problems with the pace.

-Are the Yamaha and Suzuzki the ones that have the best rhythm?

-It is difficult to know the rhythm, because they have not done a long run. I have stretched the medium tire many laps and I have been able to see how far there was nothing else. They made the time with the rubber a little cooler, with fewer laps. It is difficult to compare where we are, but surely we are not far. It will be difficult to beat them, but it is not impossible at all.

-Has rolled behind and in front of Dovizioso. How did it go?

-He started with the soft rubber at the end of FP1 and I was wearing the worn sock, so I could see some things. I saw that on the straight at that time he was taking my life, but because of the wind he was doing. It was difficult to accelerate from the last corner, but he accelerated very well, also because he had the soft one. In everything else, she put up with him and could cut her time. Then he got behind me and I think he was able to improve his time. Once again, I have returned to playing the guinea pig, but I have also helped myself to improve my time.

Photos from as.com

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