Mir: "You can fight for victory by starting eighth"

And about whether he misses Rins in better positions so that he can tighten and evolve the Suzuki, he says: "I'm going to do my thing. Everyone here cooks his own thing."


Joan Mir will start eighth in the MotoGP Catalan GP, ready for anything, he says.

-Your conclusion of this day?

-It was a pretty good day in general, but we still suffered a little bit in Q2. It is not that it costs me to get the times, it is that it costs others very little. (Laughs) It costs us a little more, but I feel good on my pace, fast. The problem is, it's like a lottery here, because you don't really know when the performance rear tire is going to drop, and here it drops a lot. Nobody has written that down and this will give a lot of play in the race and many surprises will be seen.

-Can you try to win by starting eighth?

-I don't think the plans' classification varies much. If we have rhythm, we can fight for victory starting in eighth position. If we make a good start, and we can be in the top five during the race, then at the end, if we have a little more, which is something I don't know, we can fight. But here the rubber falls a lot and falls for real, losing a second or second and a half per lap. Everything is open and that is not an impediment to winning if we have a good race.

-What clue have you found coming to Montmeló on this date?

-Today the grip was better than yesterday. The track was hotter and that made the front tire feel better, especially in the left-hand corners, which are few here. The track was good this afternoon.

-Yesterday he used two soft forwards and today another two. Don't you have another if a red flag appears?

-I have no more, only the one we will use in the race, which is K, the soft one. If there is a red flag we will have a problem, but I think we will all have that problem, because on this circuit there are very few people who can combine the two tires.

-What do you think of Rossi's renewal to continue running with 42 years?

-I am very happy that I am here for more years. It is impressive that the guy is there with the desire he has to want to continue, having everything resolved. He is passionate about this and is showing that he is being very competitive.

-Do you miss Rins in more advanced positions, to tighten you more and to help in the evolution of the Suzuki?

-Eh, I'm going to do my thing, really. I give one hundred percent with what I have, with my part of the team and each one here cooks his own.

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