Mess in sight: the RFEF urges LaLiga to set the matches on Saturday and Sunday

This morning LaLiga has announced the schedules of the first and second day of First, fixing matches on Monday and Friday despite the fact that the court overturned its very cautious.


New mess in sight between LaLiga and RFEF. This Tuesday, the establishment chaired by Javier Tebas announced the schedules of the first two days putting matches on Fridays and Mondays, ignoring the decision made by the head of the Commercial Court number 2 of Madrid, which overturned the precautionary measures requested by LaLiga to play on Mondays and Fridays.

Hours after LaLiga made the schedules of the first two days official, the RFEF issued a note in which it urged LaLiga to "set the matches of the first day on Saturday and Sunday, as the judges and courts have protected ". It should be remembered that the Federation and the employers are summoned to a court hearing on October 6.

The Federation chaired by Luis Rubiales explains its position in the following statement:

"The RFEF today urged the LNFP to set the matches of the first day of the League on Saturday and Sunday, as has been endorsed by the judges and courts and also reminds us that in a State of Law we are all obliged to comply with the laws and judicial decisions.

In this sense, he assures that the LNFP is perfectly aware of the Sentence of the Commercial Court of May 27, which gave the reason to the RFEF in the face of the conflict that the League had raised in the dispute of First and Second Division matches outside of the established working day.

The LNFP knows to such an extent the full validity of the aforementioned sentence and the obligation to execute it in the terms dictated by the Judge, that it requested very precautionary measures for its non-execution. The Federation recalls that these measures were rejected by Order of August 26. The League knows perfectly what the situation is and that there is no judicial resolution that at this time justifies its position.

The RFEF, as it has done repeatedly and constantly, reminds the LNFP that it is essential that it sit down with the RFEF to dialogue and advance within the framework of the Coordination Agreement, and stop, once and for all, adopting unilateral measures who intend to develop a policy of fait accompli, flagrantly violating the judgments of Justice.

For this reason, it urges the LNFP to set the hours of the first day - and subsequent days - on the legally valid days and, in the event that it does not do so, the Competition Judge must act again, which we remember , already decided on this same matter the season 19/20 ".

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