McLaren's ups and downs

The MCL35 was a podium car at Monza, but suffered at Mugello. "That's why we admire Mercedes, they work in all circles," says Seidl.

It is curious that in engineering sport, there are not always technical answers to performance, or lack thereof, in single-seaters. McLaren took the second best car on the grid to the asphalt at Monza and a week later, at Mugello, they had a hard time reaching the top-10. It is true that the podium is not the natural site of this MCL35, but neither should it be that far from it and less so when Albon, Ricciardo or Stroll, habitual rivals, were the ones who fought for that third position in Tuscany. Among the causes, they point to the "effects of the tailwind" on a "very sensitive" Formula 1 .

The negative, if this step backwards was due to the lack of preparation on a new circuit for the World Championship, it is that this year there will be another five GPs on unpublished circuits or circuits that have not been visited recently. Andreas Seidl, head of the Woking team, rules out that scenario for now: "Let's not forget that it is three tenths, up or down, which places you fourth or out of the top-10." "As a team, we will try to analyze and understand what the direction of the evolutions should be. But I don't think it is related to the downforce. At Spa or Monza, there was also a change between us and Renault. It is a matter of enhancing the strengths of the car. car and depends on the asphalt, or the weather conditions ", justifies the German.

"We have to develop a car that goes one step further in performance. That is why we admire Mercedes, they work on all circuits and they do well every weekend. But at the same time, they also have circuits that suit them better and others who fare worse, what happens is that they continue to finish first and second, "says the engineer, who is not afraid of the effect that the Nürburgring, Ímola or Portimao may have on the McLaren.

In the constructors' standings they still aim for third place, an unthinkable goal without the Ferrari debacle, and for drivers Norris ranks fourth due to his surprising consistency. Sainz, with the worst fortune in 2020, is eleventh although with the top-6 still within reach. Just three earned races for him of the nine that have been held this season involve a point bleed. The next stop of the World Cup will be Sochi.

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