Maverick: "Montmeló is one of those who I like"

"The championship is still open and it will be until the last two races. We will try to be constant, which is the most important thing," says the winner of Misano 2.


Maverick Viñales arrives at the home appointment with morals through the roof. His victory at Misano last Sunday has given him wings and he is just one point behind Dovizioso's lead.

-How do you see this World Cup so open?

-The championship is still open and will be until the last two races. We will try to be consistent, which is the most important thing. Montmeló is a circuit in which we have to extract the maximum potential, because it is one of those that remain on the list of those I like the most.

-Does the Yamaha still have problems in traffic?

-Our priority is to always start in the front row, because when we are in a group we have problems and we need several linked curves to prepare for overtaking. I don't know if in Misano I would have reached Bagnaia and could have overtaken, because our bike suffers a lot in overtaking. I was able to do it with Miller in the first few corners, because I was very focused on working those first corners. But it is clear that if you do not have a good classification it is very difficult to overtake with this bike.

-The key to the title?

-Constancy will be very important. It is the most important thing to fight for the title. Until the last races we don't know what the championship will bring. We are fast on one lap, but we have to be consistent in the race.

-Worried about braking problems?

-After the great disaster in Austria we learned and put the new elements on the bike and this is not going to be a problem for us.

-It seems that the 2021 calendar will be similar to this year's so atypical ...

-It is difficult to know him because nobody knows what the future will bring us. I love these triplets, but I am looking forward to leaving Europe and traveling to countries like Indonesia, Malaysia or Japan where we have a lot of fans.

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