Maverick: "Rossi is fast and having a good time, so why stop?"

"I have no idea if he's signed yet, but I'm delighted to have Valentino at Yamaha for another year, it's extra motivation," he says.



-Your assessment of this first day?

-Positive rating. We have worked towards the race and we have a good pace. We look forward to a quiet weekend and will continue to work smart. I'm happy because I think we have done a great job today and we have to continue it tomorrow in FP3 and FP4.

-Dovizioso has not been scared for a long time ... Can we get off the leadership here and give a serious blow to his morale?

-For me you should never underestimate either Dovi or Ducati. Suddenly, it seems that they are not there and the day of the race arrives and they are ahead. We think Dovi will be strong on this track so we have to improve the times tomorrow.

-What rival gives you more respect than the four heads?

-Everyone is going strong, it is difficult to say. The important thing is that we have to be 100% in each training.

-Do you repeat Misano's way of working in training?

-We are going to work with this dynamic because in the race the motorcycle is difficult to stop. Maybe at another circuit where I'm not so strong and Q2 is in danger, but here I felt strong so we were able to do many laps with a full tank. We are doing well and in this way we can see the strengths and weaknesses of the bike.

-Do you know if Valentino has already signed his renewal?

-I have no idea. We haven't talked about it, but I'm delighted to have Valentino at Yamaha for another year, it's an extra motivation.

-He does not rule out that there will be another year after next. Can you imagine running with 43?

-Sure, sure it continues. The other day when I went to the Ranch, don't see how it was going. He goes fast and has a good time, so why stop.

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