Maverick: "We got to the race and the bike doesn't work"

"It seems like I ride on ice with the rear wheel. When I'm in practice, the rear wheel is on the ground and takes hold, but in the race I'm on ice," he says.


Very serious, biting his tongue to avoid saying something outrageous. This is how Maverick Viñales appeared before journalists after his sad sixth place in the San Marino GP. He started from pole, but could not fight at any time for the podium places.

-Has the choice of the rear hard tire instead of the middle been decisive?

-All weekend the hard has been perfect. Throughout the weekend, I was able to do 27 laps of the tire 1: 32.9 or 1: 32.8. The bike was perfect. We get to the race and the bike doesn't work. It is very difficult, really. It is complicated, because as I am talking I turn on more. I need to relax. (Smiles) .

-No offense, could it be something mental, like being very excited or something like that?

-If yesterday I made the track record, today I don't know how to ride a motorcycle? If I made the track record yesterday, what happens today? Answer yourself.

-When did you feel the click of starting to have the rhythm of training and what did you feel in the first laps?

-At the beginning, with a full tank and little grip, it is practically impossible to ride. Especially since I'm going long, I don't turn and I don't have traction to accelerate. And then when I follow someone, they make a very different line, they get very stuck in the middle of the curve and I can't get the full potential of the bike. Once the gas has dropped and I was able to do more cornering, I was able to set the time. In the end he took everything out with a cornering. When I was with Miller, I was doing a totally different line. He braked hard, let the bike run and he did everything with gas. I don't know, it's complicated. The time has come because I was going to the limit, I was going full throttle and I didn't care about falling.

-Are they the same problems as in previous races?

-Exactly the same. It looks like I'm riding on ice with the rear wheel. When I'm in training, the rear wheel is on the ground and has enough grip to turn the bike, stop it, and come out of the corner. When I'm running it's like it's on ice. All the time the bike is skidding. I hit gas and it's already skating, and that's what slows you down. In the end, you lose a lot of traction there and the riders in front get just enough to stop them braking. This is what we lose, honestly. It's that rear grip that when we race, there isn't. The same thing happened to me in Jerez. In practice he rode very fast, he had a spectacular pace, and in the race he was a second slower than in practice. As a pilot it is complicated, because I am always 1st, 2nd or 3rd in all training sessions and the race comes and they sweep me away.

-And do you see anything about it in the telemetry?

-Yes, that the rear wheel skids. It is always the same in all races.

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