Masters Roma: This is the fight between Djokovic and Nadal for the number 1 ATP

Almost eight months later Nadal and Djokovic meet again in a tournament. They will do it in Rome, where they will fight for the title and continue the battle for number one.


Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal meet again in a tournament at the Masters 1,000 almost eight months after doing so at the Australian Open, where they did not meet after Nadal's elimination against Thiem in the quarterfinals and where Djokovic was proclaimed champion .

The presence of Nadal and Djokovic in Rome once again highlights the battle they both have for number one in the ATP ranking, with Roger Federer absent due to injury until 2021 and with the threat of Dominic Thiem after the Austrian's victory at the US Open .

Djokovic arrives in Rome with 10,860 points after winning 1,000 points as champion in Cincinnati (to which we must subtract the 360 points he defended), and not adding any at the US Open after being disqualified for hitting a linesman with a pitch in his round of 16 match against Pablo Carreño, although he did retain the 180 of the round of 16 of 2019, when he retired against Wawrinka, after the modification of the ranking rules due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this way, Djokovic extended his advantage by 640 points to 1,010 that he has over Rafa Nadal today.

In the 1,000 Masters in Rome Novak Djokovic defends 600 points as a 2019 finalist and that he already has secured after the tournament, although he could add 400 more if he is proclaimed champion in the Foro Italico. In this way Djokovic could extend his advantage in the ranking with Rafa Nadal to 1,410 points ahead of Roland Garros, where the Serbian could add another 1,280 points if he is proclaimed champion.

For his part, Rafa Nadal arrives in Rome with 9,850 points, the same he had before the stoppage of the season due to the coronavirus. The Balearic has not added anything since the 500 points he achieved after being champion in Acapulco, the last tournament in which he competed, since he did not attend the Masters 1,000 in Cincinnati and the US Open, where he did retain the 2,000 points of champion of the 2019 edition after the change in the ranking regulations.

In Rome, Nadal will have to play 'defensively' in the battle for the ranking. The one from Manacor defends 1,000 as champion, which he will retain after the modification of the ranking rules, but he will not be able to add more points for this reason, so he must prevent Djokovic from winning the title or otherwise the Serbian will distance himself even more in qualifying before Roland Garros. Another incentive for the manacorí is the possibility of reaching the double digits as champion of the Roman tournament, a feat that the Balearic Islands already has in other tournaments such as the Monte Carlo Masters 1,000 (11 titles), Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell (11 titles) or Roland Garros (12 titles). If he wins, it would also break the tie at 35 Masters 1,000 trophies that he now has with Djokovic since he won the Western & Southern Open.

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