Masip ugly the goal made between Guardiola and Míchel

Real Valladolid and Real Sociedad sign their sixth draw in a match marked by the heat and the blunder of the goalkeeper in both San Sebastian.


Jordi Masip has been a staple in the previous two seasons. He has saved many points for Real Valladolid, but this Sunday he gave one to Real Sociedad, ruining a great first half pucelana culminated with a goal made by Guardiola and certified by Míchel. The tie was achieved by Roberto López from 35 meters.

Y is that Real Valladolid and Real Sociedad started with rhythm, with a lot of play on the wings, with occasions. If the Donostiarras pushed Barranetxea and Portu on their respective sides, the locals tried, above all, on the left with Waldo. This is where the clearest occasions arrived. After a first visitor attempt at Portu's boots, the locals countered with shots from Guardiola, Nacho and Waldo. The winger made Remiro intervene in a center kick and the winger crashed the ball into the post.

The pucelanos pushed harder, although the royalists did not renounce the attack, although they did not create great danger. The magic, however, came in the 38th minute. Guardiola fell to the right wing, left his pair and put the ball on the arrival of Míchel who culminated the forward's play with the first goal of the season in Zorrilla.

The Royal Society came out with more intention in the second half and found an unexpected ally. Roberto López took a free-kick from 35 meters, the ball bounced in front of Masip and slipped under his body, tying the game. That goal left the Blanquivioletas very touched, while the royalists began to glimpse the possibility of victory on the horizon. Sergio's team came out unscathed in the minutes after the goalkeeper's call and Orellana put a ball in Guardiola's head, which did not arrive by centimeters. Despite the changes to refresh both squads, between the heat and the high pace of the first league match, there were hardly any clear chances and only Kike made a cross that brushed the post before ending the match in which the Israeli Weissman debuted. .

In this way, Real Valladolid and Real Sociedad inaugurate their locker with one point each and are already thinking about the second day.

Sergio González

The Real Valladolid coach, Sergio González, described the draw against Real Sociedad as "positive" because it means scoring a point, but affirmed that it leaves him a "bittersweet feeling" because it was "a great game against a great rival" and his The team, he said, was superior in many phases of the game. "In the first half we were superior to them but that individual error, which ended in a goal, hurt us, and that allowed them to be better than us in the later minutes, because they were better. located, but after the hydration break, the game was balanced again, and he was even able to opt for our side, "he commented.

Therefore, he has been satisfied because "Real's qualities have been tied up and scoring chances have been created", and also because of the footballers, "because they have been at a high level being also the first league game", but "not so happy about the result." "It is our fate, to deserve more and not get it, and we try to turn that around. The demand that football requires of us is maximum, because we never have that push in the back, but the team cannot be asked for more today, because they have been at a very high level, "he added.

In this sense, and being somewhat critical, he admitted that "perhaps there was a lack of depth on the outside" and that some players, such as Plano or Hervías, "have not participated much in the game", but warned that the Real " he also played, he knows how to balance the space and it was not easy ".

Regarding the goal scored by Míchel, he pointed out that it was "a very nice play, with a change of direction by Nacho, a good maneuver by Guardiola and the appearance of the pivot to finish off in the second row", which shows that "with the ball "they can also" do interesting things ".

Regarding Imanol Alguacil's complaint regarding the protocol and the arrival of the players to the stadium, Sergio clarified that they were told that "it is each team that decides if they want to be in the stadium an hour and a half before the game, or just 45 minutes before ", and that Real Valladolid chose the first option.

But he pointed out that "playing is being prioritized" in those marked protocols, but "the essence of football is being lost", so he asks that "the ideal be found for the footballer to have his routine, concentrate on football and be able to work in the fields ".

Imanol Alguacil

The Real Sociedad coach, Imanol Alguacil, indicated this Sunday that his intention was "to win" because they have a team "that does not concede chances and that does not yield goals", but according to the game has given for well the point achieved "on the first day and away from home" .

In his opinion, "the first half was even, with occasions in both goals, although you have to get it right in the end and we didn't. The goal came in a mismatch, after a bad swing that needs to be improved, but we made the game that we had raised ", has detailed.

With the tie, his team felt "that it could be closer to victory" and looked for men who hurt in the offensive game and in the pressure with the changes, but when you cannot win, a point is considered valid in a difficult field ", which he hopes to" do good "in the next meeting in his fiefdom.

He pointed out that his players "have been good, but they have worn out because it was hot, and the grass made it difficult for the ball to be given speed, to which is added that the rival knew what he was doing" and, in the case of Barrenetxea, has indicated that "he has done a good first part, and he was changed because he had discomfort" .

"Our intention is the same as always, to win, but we must give merit to the rival," he added while clarifying that the choice of the center-backs -Llorente and Aritx- is due to the fact that the coaching staff considered that "they were the best to play this game "and they" had earned the position to play and perform. "

He has been critical regarding the arrival protocol of the players at the stadium and demanded that "it be the same for everyone", because "it is not normal for a team to arrive an hour and a half before, and the other forty minutes, since in his opinion they are aspects that can influence a match ".

Regarding the possibility that there are news in his team before the close of the transfer market, Alguacil has commented that he is happy with those he has, but as "there is time until October 5, you never know what may happen." "We will work with those who are available and, the twenty-three with whom we have come to Valladolid were the ones who were best to win," he warned while insisting on "accepting a point, the first day, away from home , and against a difficult opponent ".

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