Manresa outshines Giedraitis

Movistar Estudiantes falls in their league debut against the Catalans. The Lithuanian guard was the top scorer of the duel: 17 points, 4 of 5 in triples.


New season, old memories at Movistar Estudiantes. The collegiate team fell in its debut in the Endesa League, in an empty WiZink Center due to the pandemic, and against a Manresa that was not much better, but much smarter. Above all, in the last minute, when the victory pivoted from one side to the other, without deciding who to smile at. It is the third season in a row that he has lost on the first day of the ACB. A defeat that hurts because the Madrilenians had it close, they touched it when at 3:34 they were placed 5 up (76-71) after a display of maturity and absolute quality by Dovydas Giedraitis (8 points in the fourth period, 17 at the end , 4 of 5 in triples, top scorer of the duel) and suffer the unimaginable to reach a very tough opponent. Edwin Jackson inexplicably missed two trays and everything was blurred. The work, hesitant at first, and focused and serious at the end, was of no avail and it lacked the courage to leave young Giedraitis at the decisive moments.

Manresa boosted by Báez, Mason (13) and Guillem Jou (wonderful: 16 goals) adjusted a partial 0-9 for 76-80, which became too high a peak for the students and that put the 1-0 in this course for Catalans. And on the court of a direct rival for salvation: it is a victory that is worth double. Baxi also had a hopeful debut from Eatherton ... although the American has yet to adapt to the contacts of this championship: eliminated by fouls, he committed the fourth in the third quarter.

Manresa was guided by perfection in the first six minutes of a sublime Rafa Martínez (blessed 38 years). The guard rebooted twelve years later with Baxi with 350 wonderful seconds: 9 points, 3 of 3 from the triple. Like his, who reached 20 goals with a 4 of 5 of two and 4 of 4 of three in that period. Only Tabu failed in a series that left Estu breathless, nine down (16-25) before closing the first quarter and with an unknown Avramovic. Many losses of the Serbian (5 in 7 minutes) and few points (2). The staff didn't help the schoolboys either, with a blushing 7 errors in 9 pitches.

Guillem Jou and Mason

Cvetkovic (15) were the lifeline of Ramireña with Giedratis as a faithful squire (a lot of talent and courage in 20 years). The point guard scored all 9 of his own in two minutes. From 22-27 to 31-33. Manresa lived on visits to Sajus' staff, while Delgado played his first minutes with Estudiantes and in the ACB. The pivot, on the tightrope during the preseason, showed good manners under the rival rim both for the rebound (5) and for scoring (8 with 4/5) and most importantly, intensity and confidence after the accumulation of fouls by Victor Arteaga and Alec Brown.

Brown himself tied from the triple and the duel restarted, with Pedro Martínez's men steadily one gear higher. The locals threatened to give, but they did not arrive. They tied, but fell in the blink of an eye at the insistence of Guillem Jou from the start and Mason afterwards ... Until Avramovic extended the margin after a robbery (64-61) and, then, it was the Manresans who they lived in its wake. But that last and fateful last minute arrived for the people of Madrid and, happy, very happy for the Catalans.

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