Malone, on the series against the Lakers: "I asked to start 3-1"

Mike Malone, coach of the Nuggets, refers to the two historic comebacks that his team has starred in the 2020 Playoffs.


The Nuggets face the Lakers in the conference finals on the West side. Only one ticket to the Finals against the Celtics or Heat in these 2020 Playoffs that have led these two teams down very different paths. The placidity of the road for Los Angeles contrasts with what the Denver team has suffered: 4-1 coming back from 0-1 against Blazers and Rockets against for some, 4-3 coming back 3-1 against Jazz and Clippers for the others.

This is what Mike Malone, the Nuggets' head coach, wanted to talk about, referring to the path that led them to face the Lakers against all odds. "We have made a request to the League to start the series 3-1 down. This way we shorten times and we catch up with the Eastern Conference finals. But they have thrown us down," the coach said jokingly . "The key question is if, outside of the plays, the rest of the staff or other issues, if our players feel satisfied already. Man, we have made history in the Playoffs: 3-1 down, 3-1 again .. . We have reached the Western Conference finals for the second time in our history. We have to breathe and look for air; the Lakers no longer need it, they have been waiting for us, "he added.

Mike Malone will meet a man he once worked with in the Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron James, the undisputed star of that team. Malone was an assistant on the Cavs bench from 2005 to 2010.

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