Malone and the referees: "We will have to do like the Lakers ..."

The Angelenos leaked that "they would consult by the suitable channels" by the arbitrations after the third party and Malone responded with sarcasm.


The West final is being a tough series despite the lead (3-1) already managed by the Lakers who are one victory away from returning to the Finals a decade later and after not even playing the playoffs last season. Game four (108-114) was a constant chase from the Nuggets, who were always in tow but arrived alive at the last minute. The Lakers resorted to Anthony Davis, to the attack rebound (savior) ... and to a tremendous physical level in defense, to the limit especially in the last actions of Jamal Murray and LeBron James, with the 23 of the Angelenos personally taking care that he did not have Another of his heroic trances was the Canadian base.

In a couple of those closing actions, Murray claimed LeBron's fault in defending his penetrations. In the end, the Nuggets threw 23 free throws (20/23) for the Lakers' 35 (28/25). Murray went eight times to the personnel line (8/8) to fourteen by LeBron (11/14) and Anthony Davis (13/14). A striking fact after the Lakers made it known that they would make "inquiries through the proper channels" of the NBA about the referees in this conference final, especially in relation to LeBron's free throws. In the third game, won by the Colorado team, Lebron only threw two and the Lakers stayed at 22 for their rival's 29, which in the fourth game saw Paul Millsap and Nikola Jokic get into foul trouble. That is why Michael Malone was sarcasm after a defeat that could be decisive: "I will have to go through the right channels like they did, to see if they give us more free throws like that." Jamal Murray also referred after the game to those final LeBron fouls and assured that it would be seen in the videos that the Lakers forward had committed infractions in his defense.

Malone, yes, quickly assured that he did not feel that arbitration had been the great reason for the defeat and referred to the 25 points added by the Lakers in second chances and those 12 attack rebounds (6-12 total) of the Angelenos , three determining factors in the last three minutes of the game. Murray, for his part, also referred to those rejections under his hoop as the main cause of the defeat.

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