Madrid stopped selling Bale's shirt in their store

The club's website had eliminated the elastic with the Welshman's '11' this morning, another indication of his departure to Tottenham. Hours later, Bale has 'reappeared' ...


The loan of Gareth Bale to Tottenham is so imminent that Real Madrid stopped selling the Welshman's shirt in its online store. On the website of the white club you can select the new elastic bands of all the members of the squad who were also last season and among them was not Bale on the morning of this Thursday. Hours later, the club reacted and Bale 'reappeared' along with the rest of the squad ...

The attacker is the only one who had disappeared from the team's virtual store. Odegaard, Lunin and Odriozola, as they do not yet have an assigned number (the full-back will, predictably, remain the 19 that he previously wore) because they have joined the squad this summer, they are not yet among the options to buy, but their cases are obviously different to the Bale. Another indication that the operation is so on track that it can be made official in the next few hours. Madrid and Tottenham negotiate the details of the agreement based above all on the percentages of the very high token of the Welshman that the north London entity will have to assume.

Madrid has been pushing insistently in the last hours for Tottenham to pay the salary in full. A salary that had been costing Madrid around 23,800 euros for every minute played by Bale as a Madrid player.

The temporary goodbye (the Welshman has a contract until 2022) of Bale will produce a small dance of numbers in the squad, with Asensio inheriting the 11. If the British returns to Madrid next summer he will have to settle for another number. It happened to James, who went to Bayern when he was wearing the Madridista 10 and when he returned he had to play with the 16 because Modric had kept his number in his absence.

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