Madrid-Getafe and Barça-Elche on matchday 1; the Classic on 25-O

Drawn the LaLiga 20-21 calendar. Six games of the first days are postponed so that the teams that played in Europe in August get more rest.


At last. Only 12 days after the ball was rolling again and, having overcome all the sports and logistical problems arising from the Fuenlabrada Case until the ordinary justice ruled definitively, LaLiga and the Federation carried out, by mandate of the CSD, the draw of the calendar in the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas for the 2020-21 season It will begin on September 12 and end on May 23 in Primera (with 20 teams) and 29 in Segunda (with 22 clubs despite the proposed alternatives of 24 and 26). And the course, with Messi or without him, starts strong. From the hype, with a dozen conditions introduced by the employers for the third consecutive year, the health workers honored took out the number 12,751 (out of 99,999 possible calendars) that has resulted in three special matches in the first of the 38 days, Real Madrid-Getafe, Barça-Elche and Atlético-Sevilla, especially since these meetings have been postponed so that the six teams have more rest after having to compete in Europe or in the playoffs. Atlético will play that game on January 12, 2021 and the other two will be in February or March. In addition, it is already known that the first Clásico will be on October 25 at the Camp Nou (April 11 the return leg) and the first Madrid derby will be in the Madrid field on December 13 (7-M the return) .

In this scenario, the first day will have only seven games in First. The same as the second day (September 19), when Real Madrid and Getafe joined, which fell in the eighth of the Champions League and Europa League respectively. Madrid will play in Anoeta and, therefore, will begin their title defense that day. Athletic-Barça (they recover on January 6), Sevilla-Elche and Levante-Atlético (these in February or March) will also be postponed that day. It will not be until the third day, when Barcelona, Atlético, Sevilla and Elche rejoin the rest, when we have a weekend full of football that will soon be cut off by the first international stoppage of the teams. Before that September 26, Sevilla must play in Budapest the final of the European Super Cup against Bayern.

The calendar will have four of its interweekly days and will have a new break at Christmas from December 22 to 30 (until January 3 in Segunda) despite the fact that LaLiga, at first, wanted it to be played even on the 31st and had reserved in his sketch on December 27 in case, from now until then, a meeting is postponed due to force majeure. Another of the weekends that will not be like the usual ones will be that of January 16 and 17. Real Madrid, Barça, Real and Athletic will play the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia from the 13th, so their League matches that day (they will face each other (Barça-Real Sociedad and Real Madrid-Athletic) will move to 15 and December 16. The rest will play that weekend of January 17 as normal. Granada, if they play the Europa League playoff, would play against Osasuna on January 12.

On the weekend of April 17 there will be no League either. There, both the Federation and LaLiga, reached an agreement to set that Saturday the final of the Copa del Rey this season. The other final pending from the previous campaign, the one that Real and Athletic should have played at the Sevilla Olympic Stadium and which was postponed due to COVID-19, will be played earlier, even on a date that the RFEF must make public after the meeting of today from its Management Commission.

On Mondays and Fridays,

Although the calendar is already public, it remains to be seen if LaLiga will be able to continue using the time slot on Fridays and Mondays when it is played without an audience in the stands for the moment, as it happened in the last 11 days for one granted by the RFEF. Justice has rejected the precautionary request requested from LaLiga, so everything will depend on the will of Rubiales when he is reelected president at the end of September. The last two days of LaLiga, as usual but this season it has not been possible to comply with Deportivo-Fuenlabrada, will be with a unified schedule (Barça ends in Eibar, Madrid at home against Villarreal and Atlético in Valladolid). After the end of the championship will come the final of the Europa League (May 26 in Gdansk) and the Champions League (May 29 in Istanbul). Then it will be the turn of the Euro and the Olympic Games.

Conditions in search of the spectacle

The calendars, both in First and Second, are conditioned, in addition to so that the matches of the first round do not coincide with the second round, to avoid security problems and guarantee the greatest possible spectacle during the season. For this reason, in its elaboration a series of premises are added that must be fulfilled, such as the usual request of the clubs not to play the first days at home due to works (this has been requested by Osasuna, Huesca, Levante and Elche). They also try to avoid that two teams from the same city play the same day or that their matches coincide with local festivities. Also that in periods such as Christmas long trips are made and geographically closer matches are played or avoid derbies and Classics from coinciding on the same days.

Matches of the first day of LaLiga







Real Madrid-Getafe


Valladolid-Real Sociedad


Matches of the last day of LaLiga






Osasuna-Real Sociedad

Real Madrid-Villarreal




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