Madrid closes the friendlies with four victories

The Whites outperform Zaragoza with Thompkins and Taylor outstanding and a good overall tone. Tavares returned and Alocen showed off. In the Casademont, Ennis and Hlinason, references.


Madrid has closed its express preseason (in terms of friendlies, because it has been with the entire squad for four weeks in preparation) with four victories in eight days without leaving Valdebebas (Estu, Betis, Baskonia and Zaragoza). Now, a week ahead until the Super Cup, where Iberostar Tenerife awaits you in the semifinals on Saturday 12. Casademont Zaragoza was a good last opponent that faltered at the end: 91-75. The rojillo team must accelerate its set-up because from September 30 it will face one of its great challenges of the season: the final phase of the FIBA Champions League in Athens. Diego Ocampo has replaced Porfi Fisac on the bench and Alocén, Radovic and Fran Vázquez have left, but the bet is for continuity and for the quarry with Pep Cargol in the sports direction. The guard Sulaimon was missing, but we saw power forward Konate, physical and with a good shot, who left a good feeling. The return of the academy center Jaime Fernández was the other novelty. The 2.15m Icelandic giant, Hlinason, continues to grow and starred in good moments against Tavares, and without him, when he led the reaction of the second quarter together with Dylan Ennis, the benchmark in attack.

Casademont's comeback (27-27) after Madrid's storming exit (16-4), which featured the novelty of Causeur, starter in his summer debut, although his teammates 'punished' him with three passes that took him off the field When I was waiting on the corner Also Tavares in the starting five, back after a slight ankle sprain and forming a team with Garuba. Edy, who does not have a pure relief at the moment, made a difference in the start and Garuba soon went to the bench replaced by Randolph. Tavares and the youth squad met again in the third quarter, while Randolph-Thompkins was the other inside pair for several minutes. And it looks like we will see it a lot this year in the absence of another 'five'. In some action we saw game between pivots beyond the triple.

Among the outdoors, Campazzo in command, without incident, and more involved than the first day before the Estu; Llull consolidates his position as a full-time escort; Abalde (goal or not) transmits very good feelings, Taylor has started fine after some internal debate in the club about his contribution, Deck is indisputable and Rudy will be there again in what matters. Alocen, for his part, shone in several individual plays of great talent and speed against his former teammates. Everything, for the moment, without great conclusions. This time they rested Laprovittola (his role, as was logical, does not look like changing), Carroll, Tisma and Reyes. Squad of 16, you know.

Madrid sentenced the duel in the last minute of the third quarter, when he went from traveling 63-57 to closing the event with a 70-57 (the gum would stretch until 86-64). In that stretch, just a few seconds, Campazzo signed a tackle from the right, Randolph stole a ball in aid, Abalde nailed a triple corner to a pass from Rudy in transition and Thompkins rebounded and scored in attack. The improvement in shooting brought Laso's men closer to 100 points. The Super Cup, just around the corner. Summer comes to an end.

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