Madrid aspires to enter 100 million for four players

After the departures of Ceballos, James and Brahim there are only four more on the market: Bale, Mayoral, Mariano and Reguilón. Successful exit operation.


A success. This is the only way to qualify the Operation Exit from Madrid carried out in a market seriously affected by the crisis. In addition to the money collected from sales (40 plus five for Achraf and 15 for Oscar), the entity is also favored by the reduction in the salary bill (now 283 million for the first staff). And Zidane breathes because he will no longer have to make calls leaving seven or eight players out, with the consequent discomfort that infects the locker room.

Real Madrid finished last season with 26 players on the roster and eleven on loan. In total, he had 37 players on the payroll. Yesterday the transfer of Brahim to Milan was officially confirmed and the departure of James to Everton (he passed the medical examination yesterday) is only pending announcement. The acceleration is completed by Ceballos, whose transfer to Arsenal is already official. After them, Madrid still aspires to four more players to come out. They are probably the most complicated because in most cases (Bale, Reguilón, Mariano and Mayoral) a sale is attempted to make money. And there is an exception, Lucas Vázquez. Madrid would like to sell it if a good offer arrives, but the Galician has no intention of moving ... In those four sales that are yet to be made (Bale, Mariano, Mayoral and Reguilón) Madrid aspires to raise € 100M more.

Wage mass.

The other important aspect is that of the wage bill. With the loans (Brahim, Ceballos, Reinier, Kubo ...) the club not only saves his salary, but the entity that receives the player pays the proportional part of his transfer. In this way, if Reinier cost Madrid 36 million and signed for six years, the white club counts in its accounts six million of spending each of those six campaigns. The six million for this year (plus his salary) will be paid by Borussia, where he is on loan. Adding loaned players, this modality also represents a great saving ... 444 444

Even more savings is James' token. It has not transpired if Everton has paid a transfer, but it will no longer be necessary to pay him the gross € 16M he collected. They were a problem, although the 30 perceived by Bale are more so.

The quarry also contributes.

The quarry is also making money in this atypical summer market. Madrid has already raised more than ten million euros from the sale of young footballers. Soro (2.5), Javi Sánchez (3) and De Frutos, Dani Gómez and Baeza (2.5 each for 50% of their rights) have left. Valdebebas is a mine of talent and money. In the last decade, since 2009, Real Madrid has earned more than 300 million thanks to the exit of projects that did not finish materializing, an important economic reinforcement for the club's coffers.

According to the official accounts, the cost of the lower categories per season is 20.8 million, which shows that the model, at least in the budgets, works with flying colors. However, there is a shortage of home-made footballers making it to the first team. Now, under Zidane's orders, there are only four servants in Valdebebas: Carvajal, Nacho, Lucas Vázquez and Mariano. The last one is destined to leave and his passage through the first team has been merely testimonial. The other three are from a great fifth, which was promoted to Second.

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