Madness in Europe: Bucharest's former Steaua finishes 6-6

The historic Romanian team, now called FCSB, qualified for the next round of the Europa League after beating Serbian TSC Backa Topola on penalties.


The Romanian team FCSB -former Steaua de Bucharest- which at the beginning of the match only had 13 outfield players and a goalkeeper available since another nine footballers tested positive for COVID-19, suffered a great deal to move on to the next round of the Europa League.

It was a real madness against the Serbian team TSC Backa Topola. Twelve goals were seen in the ninety minutes of regulation time plus the extra 30 minutes of extra time. Finally, the FCSB managed to eliminate its opponent on the fifth shot of the penalty shoot-out. And that the locals did not make it easy, they already had nine players and still managed to sign the tie.

TSC Backa Topola went ahead quickly with two goals in the 11th minute (Milicevic) and in the 14th minute (Duronjic) but the Romanians did not wrinkle and Coman, in the 25th minute, and Dan, after returning from the changing rooms on the 2nd -two. By then, the locals would have already suffered the first expulsion from the meeting (Ponjevic). The other was in extra time and even so they managed to equal the visitors' goals twice in extra time. In a gesture of honor.

And that's when everything seemed lost for the Serbian club when Balaz, in the 93rd minute, scored at his own goal. However, on the next play Tomanovic led the game in overtime with 4-4 on the scoreboard. It was in the next 30 minutes when the game was already a runner, due to the fatigue of both. Another four goals were scored, two per band but the game was headed for penalties. Finally, the local Banjac could not score the third pitch and the FCSB had a crazy and historic tie, which they will never forget.

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