Luis Suárez, more profitable scorer than the Morata-Costa duo

The Uruguayan forward has scored more goals than the pair of athletic forwards in the past year and a half. In addition, he has done it with a better average of both per minute.


Simeone needed goals and with Luis Suárez they have arrived. The arrival of the Uruguayan is a respite in the complicated transfer market that the entity is going through. The need to strengthen the lead was paramount. Diego Costa has been away from his best level for several years, while Álvaro Morata has not quite fit into the coach's plans. The lack of offers for both was the main problem. However, Morata's departure to Juventus unblocked the situation.

Atlético clinches one of the best nines of the last decade. However, some mattress fans have doubts. Age (33 years) and his battered knee are the reasons that cause distrust. However, if we go to the data, the incorporation of Suárez greatly improves what was in the workforce.

The Morata-Costa couple played together for a year and a half. Morata arrived at the end of January 2019 and since then, although it was not usual to see them together in the same eleven, they have shared the athletic lead. In that time, adding the figures of both, they have scored 28 goals in 6,093 minutes. In the same period, Suárez has scored 30 goals with the FC Barcelona shirt. In addition, it has done it in 1,058 minutes less (5,035) .

If we compare the averages, Morata and Costa scored a goal every 215 minutes. Luis scored one in 167. The Brazilian Hispanic, weighed down by injuries, has only seen the door six times. The former Real Madrid player, at 22. Without going any further, last season the Uruguayan scored 21 goals, the same as the two forwards than Atlético de Madrid, but he did so with 1940 fewer minutes.

Statistics that reflect the qualitative and quantitative leap that the athletic squad gives with the arrival of the striker. And it cannot be overlooked how well they mix, on paper, the style that Cholo proposes with what Suárez brings on the field of play. Morata did not match what the coach asked of the forwards, and that is why he ended up leaving the team. With Luis this does not seem to happen. A society that wants to take Atlético to the top.

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