Luis Suárez endorses Torreira

The striker already recommended to Arsenal the incorporation of the medium. Atlético is working on the transfer with a non-mandatory purchase option. Cautious optimism. Torino is the second option.


Lucas Torreira is a target of the rojiblanco market. This newspaper already explained last Monday that the rojiblanca sports management maintained an ongoing negotiation with Arsenal in order to obtain the loan of the 24-year-old Uruguayan international. Contacts continued yesterday and the parties expressed their optimism in being able to conclude the negotiation in a satisfactory way for all, but they also conveyed caution. Atlético must make room for the new incorporation and must measure their economic steps a lot. The priority, once Morata's departure was confirmed, was to find a replacement as quickly as possible. They want to strengthen the center of the field, but there, beyond the new role of Marcos Llorente, so far there have been no casualties and there are limits with Torreira.

Andrea Berta, rojiblanco sports director, is working on a loan with a non-mandatory purchase option. This is an important point. Arsenal, who want to settle the matter forever, would prefer it to be a loan with a transfer obligation. But Atlético does not compromise. The English club rates the Uruguayan international at 24 million. In 2018, he paid 30 to Sampdoria for it and about 18 would remain to be amortized. Thus, London seeks to create a capital gain with a sale of over 20 million. Torreira, for his part, welcomes the possibility of joining Atlético, a club that already loved him in 2018. Up to three times he has already been able to speak with Simeone to outline his arrival at Atlético. For Arsenal it would be a solution to a player that Mikel Arteta, gunner technician, does not have.

In addition, Torreira has a first-rate guarantee. Luis Suárez is his great supporter. The forward, who will wear the rojiblanca, already recommended to Arsenal his signing in 2018. Raül Sanhelli, then Arsenal football director and former Barcelona, asked Luis Suárez about Lucas Torreira. The striker recommended the leader to sign the then Sampdoria midfielder, with whom he had just played the World Cup in Russia. His idea has not changed, with Torreira established as the titular axis of the celestial. Now they can become partners again.

Torino also plays the charge of Giampaolo.

If Simeone plays in favor of Atlético, with the mattress club as the first option, Torino has definitely not thrown in the towel. The granata club opposes Giampaolo's letter. The coach also claims Torreira, with whom he coincided at Sampdoria. The player, in fact, is closely linked to the Giampaolo family, since already at Pescara, shortly after his arrival in Italy, he played under Federico, the brother of the current Torino coach. The Piedmontese club is financially inferior to Atlético, but yesterday they had not abandoned the idea definitively. Of course, already handling alternatives. But he sees himself in a position to pay the Uruguayan's salary, which at Arsenal is three million clean plus bonuses.

Torreira, a complete five.

Atletico has thought of Torreira, a very complete pivot and one that can be misleading. The first, because of his height. His barely meter and 68 centimeters could make one suspect that he is a player of little physical rotundity. It's not like that. Torreira is a rock. A player with very high figures in recovery and anticipation. But it doesn't stop there. With a very accurate reading of the game and very well ordered command skills, he exhibits a very good foot in the starting pass. In addition, he is a pivot who likes to verticalize the game a lot, with frontal passes to overcome lines with a good hit rate.

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