Lemar closes doors: either he stays at Atlético or he goes to England

The French has decided that, if he has to leave, he will only go to the Premier. He has not answered the call from Porto and now Wolverhampton seems the only possible option for a transfer.


Lemar and Diego Costa are the footballers who mark the exit operation at Atlético. Two players theoretically with cache, although more for what they cost at the time than for their recent performance. So now, with the transfer market wide open, it is difficult to find a change of scenery that satisfies all parties. In the case of the 24-year-old Frenchman, there are several obstacles. He has a contract until 2023 and the club does not plan to give it away. However, suitors hardly appear and those who approach do not present appetizing offers. Nor will Lemar make it easy and he will not go anywhere. If you have to go out, it will be to the Premier.

Wolverhampton now seems the team most interested in the French. Although he will not play European competition, it could be an option that would seduce Lemar. The 11 rojiblanco, for example, completely rejected Porto, according to FootMercato. The midfielder did not even want to attend to the proposal of the Portuguese champion. It is clear that his future is Atlético or England. That greatly limits the market for rojiblanca sports management, although the good thing about the Premier is that there are the clubs that move the most money. Agent Jorge Mendes, who has a very good relationship with the Wolves, can expedite Lemar's arrival.

But it is not about convincing only the footballer, but about making the numbers add up as well. Atlético paid 70 million euros for him two summers ago, in what was the most expensive signing in the club's history. His promising debut in the European Super Cup boded for the best, but then his performance was disappointing, and even less so. The first year was poor, but it was considered that he was still adjusting to the new wardrobe and style of play. The second was even worse. Without goals, without assists and without being decisive in any way. Simeone tried to give her confidence and make her feel important. For example, he put him in the eleven at Atlético-Liverpool, where he did not clash, but he was injured. "With Lemar we have bet and it will depend on him, that he manages to vindicate himself in his mind, in his inner strength," Cholo said in June. But the opportunities also declined.

It cost 70 million, not even 30 are expected ...

The coaching staff has been losing faith and for the fans it is one of those indicated, but in the offices there is still some confidence that Lemar can straighten the course. Your transfer is considered, but not at any price. At Atlético the outings are getting complicated and there are hardly any interesting offers coming, not for Lemar, but for any transferable. For the French, it is expected that the proposals that arrive will not cover even half of what it cost in 2018. Even so, it is for whom Atleti could get more money and his goodbye would free him from one of the highest chips of the squad . In addition to Wolverhampton, he has been linked in recent months with Everton (the arrival of James closes the door on him) and Arsenal.

On the other hand, after a very disappointing season, Lemar knows that he needs to play and perform if he wants to have a chance to go to the European Championship. He won the World Cup in 2018, but has lost relevance with France and only a new boost to his career would give him the opportunity. A change of scenery seems the best option for everyone, but the solution that leaves everyone well does not appear.

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