LeBron James challenges his critics: "They would shit their pants ..."

The Lakers player continues with the discussion about the MVP. To this are added the criticism for his performance in the last game.


Despite what was achieved in the series against the Nuggets, two victories in two games and with a moment starring Anthony Davis that left his rival touched and brings them closer to the Finals, there is no rest for LeBron James. Nor for his critics. And the matter of the MVP of the Season given to Giannis Antetokounmpo, winner of the award for the second year in a row, again pushes LeBron to participate in the public debate despite his obligations in the 2020 Playoffs.

If when he learned of the award decision, in which he was fighting with the Greek and with James Harden, he offered his opinion, noting how "pissed off" he was about it and traveling to 2013 for (mentioning what happened with Marc Gasol), As the hours go by, that debate continues to haunt his head.

From talking about the MVP to talking about his performance and what it means to be in his position as a benchmark in the NBA, but with those who doubt him in thought and offering harsh words against them in a public way ...

In the press conference after that second Lakers-Nuggets, after some negative judgments to his game in the crucial part of the game, James was asked by journalists about the step forward of Anthony Davis and the next for a player who wants to become the megastar that he is right now: "For me this has always been like this: blood, sweat and tears, believing in what you do after going through everything ... It is not about those who doubt and those who give you every day so that you fall down. You put the pressure on yourself when you care what other people think. What others think doesn't matter because they don't understand it. " However, after saying that, he ended in the following way: "Everybody knows how to speak from the outside, but if they put in the ring, probably ten times out of ten they would, they would shit their pants" .

James spoke clearly about AD's role in this match: "To be honest, I didn't play shit in the second half and I'm the one who leaned on him: he's the one who has brought us to fruition" . He also ventures into a reflection on what it means to play at such important moments, something Davis proves for the first time: "When you advance in the postseason, emotions can become a roller coaster. It doesn't matter if you're up or down, keeping your composure and moving towards the goal is what matters. I am delighted to be here with him and give him advice. "

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