Laso, 20 titles and new challenges

The coach begins his tenth season at Madrid in full uncertainty around the team. You should sign the renewal shortly.


When Pablo Laso (Vitoria, 1967) arrived on the bench in 2011, Real Madrid had only won one Super Cup, in the 84-85 season with Corbalán, Martín and company. On Sunday in Tenerife he achieved the sixth in nine seasons, the last three in a row, which puts him at the top of the list with seven. The coach has 20 titles as a Madrid coach. To the 6 Super Cups add 2 Euroleague, 5 Leagues, 6 Cups and an Intercontinental. All after playing the final in 27 of the 37 tournaments played. Accumulate 689 games with 77.5% victories.

Laso, who has celebrated those 20 successes with Reyes, Llull and Carroll (and 19 of them with Rudy), has started his tenth consecutive season on the right foot, something that only Lolo Sainz had achieved, who was 14. Pedro Ferrándiz, legend Merengue, he only completed nine in a row, although in total he reached 13. Laso, moreover, is within 7 trophies of hunting him down and two of Sainz, whom he will surpass within 46 encounters (at the beginning of 2021 if the pandemic allows it) as the coach with the most matches directed in the club's history. A milestone in the course with less certainty in the team due to the safe departure of Campazzo when the NBA market opens. Deck's situation is also worrying. Those responsible for the section want to renew it now, the problem is that the club, given the economic situation, has closed the tap, at least until the departure of the base is confirmed, whose termination is 6 million euros. And, meanwhile, Deck's price rises like foam with an affordable NBA clause.

In full celebration, Laso's challenges multiply. Added to the uncertainty in the squad, caused in part by the pandemic, is Barça's strong commitment. The Catalans, who fell 72-67 in the final without Higgins or Kuric, are on the heels of their rival and can still sign a pivot. Jasikevicius showed a defense with continuous changes in direct blocks and two-on-one situations. That challenge was overcome well by Laso on Sunday in the closing minutes of the first battle. He sent Deck, instead of point guard, to play the direct block and got him to stay with Davies to attack him for speed. Decisive points in a very tight outcome. He also hit the mark by putting five short on two defenses in a row to avoid the triple with seconds remaining. Deck with Mirotic and Abalde… with Davies. It worked. A very mobile quintet that allowed Rudy to stay with Hanga moments before stealing a key ball.

The Vitorian should soon sign his seventh contract as Madrid coach (the current one ends in June). The commitment to him has been clear, although in the summer of 2014, the hangover of the Euroleague final against Maccabi and the departure of Mirotic, he was on the wire and has never signed more than two years. His six renewals were always announced with between six months and a year left until the engagement ended. Now there are nine months left. The Laso era.

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