Laporta signs for the motion of censure against Bartomeu

The former president of Barça, who at first did not explicitly support the initiative, gave his signature to provoke the departure of the board as soon as possible.


The partner of Barça 13,862, named Joan Laporta, signed at noon on Saturday in favor of the motion of censure that the group Més que una motion pushes against the current board of directors of Barcelona headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The former president, who initially did not give explicit support to the initiative led by the candidate for the presidency Jordi Farré and who has the support of two more candidates, Lluís Fernández Alá and Víctor Font, as well as various opinion groups and Animation of the Blaugrana environment thus joins the initiative to be able to dismiss the Bartomeu board as soon as possible.

The elections to the club's presidency, which are scheduled for March 15, but there are calendar problems (it must coincide with a home game on the weekend and at that time Holy Week is celebrated and there is a break for matches of selections) will not be held until April at the earliest.

The promoters of the motion must obtain a minimum of 16,500 signatures before September 23, which, if validated, would force a referendum that, in case of ending with a favorable result of 66 percent of the votes cast, would imply the cessation of the meeting and the subsequent call for elections before Christmas.

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