Lakers vary plan to beat Rockets: Davis, key

The tie between Lakers and Rockets is equalized. The Angelenos activated their most destructive mode and, finally, they used Anthony Davis as '5'.


The first meeting of this series left many doubts at Casa Vogel. Why did the Rockets physically overrun them if they came from a block in the last second of the last game was the decisive factor in their previous tie? Why was there no change on the fly? Why this reluctance to put Davis in the center position, even if he does not like it, if it is clear that his party is in the influence in the short and medium distance? They had two days to assess all this. They did and turned the tide. A 0-2 would have been difficult to manage given the confidence with which Harden and company usually play when they are well given. This series is tied at one and with the open panorama, like the D'Antoni players.

Yes they wanted to print one more point of speed in the game. LeBron James had complained after that first encounter of the difficulties in stopping the movement, either from the ball or from the people themselves, of the Rockets, both in static and in transitions. So the Lakers went on the attack, pushing a little harder on the defensive line to force losses and throw blazing counters. It was like the Chinese drop, which is relevant when it comes to Yao Ming and Daryl Morey's team.

The other turn of the wheel was a little more improvised: JaVale McGee hurt his left ankle, retired, and Dwight Howard was not the one who took over his position, he did not play. Vogel decided to go with a shorter line-up of centimeters, with a very successful Markieff Morris especially in attack, and putting Anthony Davis at center in moments when everything was decided. Davis has repeated ad nauseam that the position he wants to play is '4', but it made little sense not to test him as '5' against the team with the lowest quintet in the entire competition.

In the first quarter is where the Lakers' change of face was seen the most. Led by an effective Rondo who took better care of his plot, breaks in three quarters of the court to catch the Rockets off guard. The first actions from the outside line of the visitors here were followed by very rapid cuts and transitions of the premises to be added. What produced the first jump was the success from the line of three already when the first quarter expired, with two triples from Morris and one from Rondo to leave +16. Caruso began to put LeBron in tune and the Rockets were, very little by little, slowing the momentum of the Angelenos.

In the third quarter came the small debacle for the Lakers. In the middle of the sleeve the Rockets could be ahead. Up to nine triples, with Covington hitting it and House and Tucker in far more places than one, they got. They went up to 41 points. There Vogel had to make the second determination with McGee's injury. And Anthony Davis answered, boy did he answer. With his distances in attack, and making those shots, but getting ahead in defense, the trend was changed.

Davis finished with 34 points and 10 rebounds. LeBron, who was placed as the second highest triplet in the history of the 'playoffs', had 28 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists. The pair works again, but Green also contributed decisively in attack, Kuzma is already involved in both areas ... It remains to be seen if the change of plan was only for today or is for more days. 117-109 to tie the series.

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