Koeman: "It is a different Barcelona than in recent years"

The coach admits that the new system, 4-2-3-1, may have a somewhat more defensive tinge, but that "this team can do it." And he was satisfied with what he saw: "We are happy."


Ronald Koeman, Barcelona coach, took stock of the first game against Nàstic on Barça TV: "The most important thing is that happily there have been no injuries. Everyone has played 45 minutes. There were moments of good intensity. There are always things to improve but We are happy. We have been here for two weeks and we have two more to go. " Regarding the system and positioning, with the double pivot, Koeman said: "It may be different and a bit more defensive than what has been seen in recent years, but the objective is to move the ball, hide it and find the spaces to play between lines, behind rival midfielders. I think this team can do it because they have midfielders to play like that. "

Koeman assured that he was interested in seeing players even if they had only been training for a few days: "It is important that they already play because it is not a normal preseason. We only have four weeks, not six. It is complicated. What we want to do now is physical and in the next two weeks ask two more tactical questions ".

Photos from as.com
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