Kepa digs his grave and Thiago debuts with victory

Mané scored a double that gave Liverpool three points in the Spanish debut, who played the entire second half. Christensen was sent off at 45 '.


The image that everyone wanted to see arrived at halftime. Just after passing through the changing rooms, the game camera focused on Thiago Alcántara, who was already dressed in short, in red, ready to go out to play the second half. Christensen's dismissal on 45 'prompted Klopp to deliver the final blow: with Thiago, Liverpool would not lose the ball. The Spaniard came out with personality, encouraged all his teammates and began to ask for the ball over and over again. Easy passes and passes over the defense, short touches and long touches. A bit of everything. Ten minutes later, from 0-0 it had gone to 0-2, already insurmountable for a Chelsea with ten.

Thiago's debut was the main news for Liverpool, although the protagonist in the goals was Sadio Mané, author of a double a week after Salah scored three. They compensate. In the first, he finished off a play between the lines between Salah and Firmino, with the latter putting a measured center at the head of the Senegalese.

Immediately later the second of the images of the match arrived. Kepa Arrizabalaga delivered a ball to Mané inside the area, when he was looking for Jorginho, and gave the second. One more mistake by the Spanish goalkeeper at the most critical moment of his stay at Chelsea: during this week the 'blues' will confirm the signing of Mendy, who is sensed as the starter from day one and which puts Kepa's future in even more doubt at Stamford Bridge.

Christensen's expulsion when Mané stayed in front of Kepa was the trigger that disrupted the game. Until then, throughout the first half, Liverpool were superior, but Chelsea had hope: Timo Werner. The German was not a center forward, but he fell to the left wing - leaving Havertz with a false nine - and from there he scared the visitors. His were the best plays until the interval, although Fabinho, central in the absence of Joe Gómez and Matip, was full in the duel.

Despite everything, Chelsea had one last option to hold on to the game… and it was thanks to Werner, of course, who forced a penalty out of nowhere. Thiago did it. However, a specialist like Jorginho failed him. Alisson guessed the shot. And he also cleared Abraham on the final stretch. A goalkeeper who did stop them.

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