Kang-in: "The team wants, we are together and we want to"

The South Korean, author of two goals at the end of the preseason, was left with "the good feelings and the desire" to have a good competition.


Victoria: "We are happy to get the victory before such an important competition. We are working quite well, the coaching staff demands a lot from us, the players are encouraged and we want to start LaLiga and have a good season" .

Feelings: "The preseason games have helped us a lot for the competition that comes to us. We will give everything until the last game, every minute, to score three points."

Physical condition: "It is important to be physically well and have a good rhythm. That comes from the preseason training, which has been quite good and has helped us a lot. I think the whole team is physically well and I think we are well prepared to compete in LaLiga ".

Goals: "I am happy for the two goals but I am more happy to have that good feeling of good team rhythm. The team wants, we are together and we want to have a good season. More than the goals, they are the good feelings and the we want to have a good competition ".

Opponent pressure: "These are things that we practice during training. Not only me, the whole team has made a great effort and I think we have to continue to be as good as possible in LaLiga."

Action: "More than the goal, it's all thanks to the team that has run to the end. The most important thing is how the team is doing and I see it very well and we must give more every day."

Photos from as.com
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