Juventus beat Suárez

According to Tuttosport, the constant contact of technicians and managers, being interested in his situation, have convinced the Uruguayan to try to change of scene this summer.


The touch makes the affection. The saying is very applicable to the situation of Luis Suárez and Juventus of Turin. And according to Tuttosport, the Barcelona forward's confidence in the Italian club has only increased in recent hours thanks to the dedication of Vecchia Signora technicians and managers.

Suárez is pending to reach an agreement with the Barça club, something that in Italy they assure would be closer. Although the main problem for his transfer is the passport, with an Italian exam involved. In the midst of so much bureaucracy, the forward would have found some human warmth in the transalpine country.

According to Tuttosport, Suárez is delighted and surprised with the attention they have shown for his situation from Juventus. Something that has only done to show you how interested the entity is in hiring you. Especially common has been the contact with Pavel Nedved, Juve's sports director, who still cannot trust everything to a letter and is working on a plan B for which the names of Morata and Dzeko are shuffled.

Photos from as.com
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