Jokic roars in time and the Nuggets force the seventh

Malone's men were 16 points down at halftime but a stellar Jokic once again brought his team back to life. The Clippers relaxed again and Kawhi and George did not resolve.


Tripping over and over again in the same error. The Clippers did not learn their lesson from the fifth game of the series and will be doomed to the dispute of the seventh game. In the background, the ghost of never having obtained the long-awaited ticket to a Conference final. The film was exactly the same as the previous game.

Rivers completed a great first half, finished the first 24 minutes with 63 minutes, and then relaxation came again. First in defense, conceding excessive easy shots to Malone's and later spreading that lack of defensive intensity to the shot. The Angelenos finished with percentages below 50% both in field goals and on the perimeter, when at halftime their level of success from the outside exceeded 60% and in field shots they stroked 55% .

Again, they became overly dependent on inspiration from Kawhi and George. And despite the fact that both had good numbers at the scoring level, Leonard finished with 25 and Paul with 33, his second half was far from being the best of his career in the bubble. And before that, there is no answer. Lou Williams and his 14 points is the closest thing. The epic recipe to raise a game again was the same as in the previous one. Because it's just as true that the Clippers fell asleep and the Nuggets woke up from slumber, both in attack and defense.

At offensive level, the figure of the eternal one in Denver, Jokic, reappeared. The Serbian finished the duel with 34 points, 14 rebounds and 7 assists, surpassing 59% in field goals and 66% from the perimeter. The Balkan was seconded in attack by a good Murray, with 21 points, and in defense a choral work so that the zonal defense came to fruition. The numbers speak for themselves. The Clippers went from 63 points in the first half to scoring 35 in the second, while Denver's team reached 64 in the second 24 minutes.

The 63 of the first half respond not only to the effectiveness of their heavyweights, they were joined by a great defense to the man, who was slow to connect to the crash since the Nuggets started with a 6-0 start with Jamal's stamp Murray, but after the initial stumble he did not fit again at any time partial greater than 4-0. Far from being similar, the defense faded in the second half, the concessions returned, the inexplicable sets for the Nuggets, especially a 15-2 breaker midway through the third quarter, and countless errors in attack that ended up sinking the Angelenos .

Malone's men now dream of completing a second run that would go down in history, becoming the first team in NBA history to be able to overcome a 3-1 in the same season. Gobert's Jazz were the first victim and Kawhi and George's Clippers are running for second. The reality of the series is that Clippers has looked for the problems on their own.

Regardless of Jokic's inspiration or not, Rivers's men went to rest with rents large enough to consider sentenced, or at least on track. From Tuesday to Wednesday, at 03:00 Spanish time, a seventh and definitive duel is presented that promises strong emotions. The Clippers will seek to make history with their first conference final and the Nuggets will continue to enhance their collection of miracles, which could be colossal if the feat is completed on Wednesday.

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