Javi Martínez, willing to lower his salary to return to Bilbao

Bayern have valued the Navarrese midfielder at eight million. He intends to lighten the squad and has also declared Thiago transferable.


Garitano requested signings and Athletic has returned to the charge with Javi Martínez. As Torino's sports director Davide Vagnati told AS, there has been no contact from the rojiblanca team in recent times for Berenguer. And the other option is Martinez. 'Bild' pointed out two days ago that the transfer could be reduced to eight million. Rummenigge put him on the take-off ramp: "We won't put any obstacles on your way out." Javi Martínez is about to return to San Mamés and is willing to reduce his astronomical record in Munich, close to eight million.

The German club does not want to give away a player with a lot of market, but it is written off. He went to Germany for 40 million euros, as indicated by his termination clause, but in these eight years he has been able to make this investment profitable. He ends his contract in 2021 and he can go with eight Leagues, five Cups, two Champions, a European Super Cup and a Club World Cup. An overwhelming record in the case of wearing the rojiblanco. The Bavarians hope to place the Navarrese and Thiago Alcántara to be able to recruit the Croats, who act in Calcio, Brozovic and Perisic, two of their main objectives.

Martinez's profile enchants Garitano. After the departures of Beñat and San José, there is a gap in the field scepter, although there are young talents from the subsidiary such as Vencedor and Zarraga who have claimed this preseason.

Photos from as.com
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