"It is the opportunity of my life"

Morata was introduced as a new Bianconero footballer: "Atleti was my dream as a child, but now I dreamed of returning to Juve. I have grown as a person and as a footballer."


Álvaro Morata was introduced today as a new Juventus footballer. In his first statements, the Spaniard showed his enthusiasm to return to the Bianconero club: "It is very nice to be back after a journey that has made me a better player and a better person. We left here with two of us, and now we are five and I think that I have grown in every way ".

Negotiation: "You know what the market is like, now what matters is that I am here, in the right place and at the right time. It is a new opportunity: the opportunity of my life."

Pirlo: "I knew he would have become a coach, that's what Juventus needed. I was his teammate, but two training sessions were enough to impress me with his work."

Cristiano and Dybala: "I am ready to play with them, they know me here and they know that I am here to help and do whatever is asked of me. I came to win" .

Numbers: "I'll be honest: as a striker, I would like to score 40 goals, but I saw many who scored so many and then won nothing. I scored 15, sometimes more, but I won a lot, starting or not. If you want to see the individual numbers, you should look at tennis: this is a team sport. "

Juventus: "I don't hide: I always said that as a child, my dream was to play for Atlético and I succeeded. When I came to Turin, however, I was impressed by a team that bet so much on me, being so young. I always dreamed of come back and I'm here ".

Cristiano: "I know him very well as a person, I always had a great relationship with him. He gave me advice and told me that he was happy to have me here."

Errors: "When I left Juve it didn't depend on me, at Chelsea I started well, then I had an injury and things were no longer working. In the end I returned to Spain to fulfill the dream I had as a child."

Atleti: "I was happy there, I don't know what people will say but now I'm here and Atlético has other players. I always felt confident in Juve, I talked to their players too when I left" .

Champions: "Juve is one of the best teams in the world and it is normal to think about winning this competition. The club has come very close for many years, hopefully we will achieve it now: it would be the happiest in the world."

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