In England they say Tottenham overtakes United in the race to sign Bale

According to ESPN, the London team will try his incorporation at the express request of José Mourinho, who already loved him when he was managing United.


Gareth Bale has girlfriends in England. The main interested party seemed to be Manchester United, especially after verifying that he will not be able to sign Jadon Sancho in the face of Dortmund's refusal to negotiate, but Tottenham has emerged from nowhere. According to ESPN, the London team, from which Bale left in 2013 to sign for Real Madrid in exchange for 101 million euros, has taken the lead in the situation.

It remains to be seen what Tottenham can offer, although at Madrid they are resigned to a free transfer and having to pay a part of the Welshman's huge token (14.5 million clean per season); all in order to release a player who does not count for Zidane. The rupture between the French and Bale is total, the best option is for the British to leave Madrid anyway.

Mourinho asks Bale

The main promoter within Tottenham of this initiative is José Mourinho. The technician already pretended to Bale in the past, when he was the manager of Manchester United; In a preseason friendly in 2017, he even told the cameras: "I can't sign you because you don't speak," asking him to declare himself in absentia to leave. It did not happen, Madrid renewed Bale until 2022 and the situation progressively worsened to the point where it is today.

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