"I hope that the second part of the year will be a little quieter"

"We will see that everyone will be more or less in their position in the championship although it will be much more intense for those who fight for the title," he says.


Joan Mir is fourth-placed in MotoGP, just four points behind in his second season in MotoGP. The Mallorcan is embroidering it with the Suzuki and is going for more.

-What do you expect from the second half of the year after such a crazy first part?

-I hope that the second part of the year will be a little quieter, but I don't know what to expect. In the second half everything will be calmer and we will see that everyone will be more or less in their position in the championship. It may be calmer with almost all the drivers, but also a much more intense second half of the season for the four or five drivers who are fighting for the title.

-Balance so far this season?

-Very happy, because we are doing things as planned. Last year was a season to gain confidence, to understand the bike, to improve and learn, and this year you also learn and improve, but at a different level. We are in the position we expected and I would have liked to be in this position earlier, but it was not possible. We are at the level we expected, but there is still a lot of the championship ahead and I want to continue my progression. This may be a good circuit for us to take another step.

-If he wins, he will take the lead:

-The objective is to try to find my first victory. If then we put ourselves first in the championship, welcome, but it is not the objective to be first in the championship. The objective is to try to win races and continue as we are doing.

-How important is top speed? Do you think Suzuki and Yamaha will suffer in Montmeló?

-I hope we don't go backwards, but if so, it will be more difficult to overtake here because of the straights, because there are many. The Ducati, the KTM and the Honda are going to have an advantage here in terms of top speed, and the Yamaha and we are going to suffer a little more in that regard. I don't think this is a big problem for Yamaha, because they have a bike that works very well and they will also be at the front. I don't expect that they are not ahead because they lack top speed.

-How is Montmeló at the level of brakes?

-I don't know if we have the other brake option here. In Austria, where everyone suffered a lot, I had no brake problems at all. If in Austria, which is the circuit where the brakes are in the worst position and where you must have the most problems with the brakes, we did not have them, it would not be necessary to have them here either. If we have problems later, we will consider trying another configuration, but at the moment we have nothing in mind.

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