Henderson 'threatens' De Gea

The English goalkeeper sends a message of respect but tremendously ambitious for a long time and wants the United goal. He excelled on his last assignment in Sheffield.


The wind is blowing in Dean Henderson's favor. The Whitehaven goalkeeper has earned his return to Manchester United, which he entered at the age of 14, after much and very good work on his last loan at Sheffield United. So much so that it has earned him reaching Southgate's list of 23 to face Iceland and Denmark in the League of Nations.

Long before becoming an international, he had to fight in the goals of Stockport, Grimsby and Shewsbury to achieve his great goal: to take the United goal. Now, he only has one step left, to remove the Spanish David De Gea from the title.

Since returning from Sheffield, Henderson sends ambitious messages to the club (he demanded a certain role to stay) that he now expresses in public. "My goal is to play next season. After a great campaign it came at a good time and it would not be good if they sat me down. I do not think it will help any of the parties," he said from the concentration of the English team.

For the Spaniard, he had good words but ensures that he will not be a comfortable substitute theorist. "De Gea has been a great goalkeeper for many years. He is phenomenal. I aspire to have a career like his at United so when I return the first day of preseason I will work hard to be a starter because it is something I have always wanted. very close and I'm not going to give up now so I'm going to put pressure. I respect David a lot. It all depends on me. I can learn a lot in David's training sessions, from the rest of the goalkeepers and from the coaches but nothing can replace playing matches. I have no illusions that I'm going to learn just sitting on the bench. I need to play, "he added.

Before the first day of preseason, Henderson returns to warn of his intentions after completing a remarkable season with Sheffield. The Englishman played 40 games in which he conceded 37 goals and left a clean sheet up to 14 times. Data very similar to those of the Madrid goalkeeper who conceded 44 goals in 43 games and scored 15 clean sheets during 19/20 with Manchester United. Solskjaer has a job.

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