"Honda has a very serious problem and only one solution"

"They have opted to develop the bike only in the direction of Márquez and nobody else can go fast with it," says Chicho Lorenzo.


Sports crisis. This is how we could summarize the results obtained by Honda in the 2020 MotoGP World Championship. The factory with the golden wing has not yet reached the podium in any of the six races contested to date, a lack of results that contrasts too much with the accumulated successes by the Japanese team since Marc's arrival in the queen class, standing out the five 'Triple Crowns' (winning the World Championship of drivers, teams and manufacturers) achieved in the last eight years.

A dependency of the champion that Chicho Lorenzo wanted to analyze on his YouTube channel 'Motogepeando'. Jorge's father, who last week pointed out on this same platform that greed is Marc's great virtue, but also what leads him to make mistakes such as forcing the recovery of his right humerus fracture, ensures that the champion manages to tame the RCV123V because he's practically a bodybuilder.

"Márquez is a very aggressive rider who in order to ride in his style has had to work his muscles a lot. He is practically a bodybuilder. He doesn't care that the bike is difficult to move because with his strength and aggressive riding he manages to break it and make the bike behave the way he likes it. Honda has a very serious problem. They have opted to develop the bike only in the direction of Marquez and no one else can go fast with it. Not even his brother can. So now has been injured, Honda cannot achieve good results. There is only one solution: to continue developing the bike in the direction of Márquez, but also an alternative bike in a direction that is easier to drive, "says Chicho.

Similarly, Chicho Lorenzo praises the figure of Dani Pedrosa when it comes to developing a motorcycle: "When Marc arrived at Honda, Pedrosa had developed the motorcycle and it was a relatively easy motorcycle to ride because Dani is a rider with little muscle and size. But the results are what rule. As Márquez achieved better results than Dani, the engineers began to develop the bike in the direction he requested. A difficult bike to ride, very aggressive, very physical. The first victim was Dani, That he had to go. Lorenzo arrived and found a very complicated bike, especially with the front end. He couldn't find a way to put weight on the front wheel and get it to lean on and give him confidence. Not only was he slow, but also the injuries came and in the end he threw in the towel when Honda had already started to develop the bike in his direction. Take a look at what is happening at KTM. Pedrosa is the test rider and the bike is evolving a lot. motorcycle. The first thing he did is change the chassis to make it easier to carry. The proof is that both Pol and Binder and Oliveira are going very fast. When a motorcycle can be squeezed by such different riders, it means that the bike is very easy to ride. "

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