Hannah leads MoraBanc's first win against her former team

The North American guard finished with 16 points and a PIR of 21 against an unknown UCAM Murcia. The Andorrans did not notice the four casualties.


Clevin Hannah, an American point guard with a Senegalese passport, led BC MoraBanc's first victory in the opening of the new course with 16 points and a PIR of 21. Ibon Navarro's men beat an unknown UCAM Murcia 84-66 where only the offensive contribution of North American point guard Frankamp stood out with 19 points. The Andorrans, with four important casualties, demonstrated defensive solidity and a lot of offensive success against an indolent Murcian team.

Best impossible start to the game for BC MoraBanc that despite the casualties of David Jelínek, Bandja Sy, Moussa Diagne and Oriol Paulí, they put on a better staging than UCAM Murcia. Those of Ibon Navarro were more solid and had more success in attack. On the other hand, those of Sito Alonso did not find the measure to the party in these first 10 minutes. BC MoraBanc's initial 13-4 run with a triple shot forced Sito Alonso to request a timeout. The return to track was not much better for Murcia with a triple from 'Tyson' Pérez. The first quarter ended with a favorable 23 to 10 and only with Ibon Navarro concerned about the two personal fouls by Sergi García and 'Tunde' Olumuyiwa.

Those of Ibon Navarro continued their dominance and their good basketball until +18 (28 to 10) with an 'alley-hoop' by Dime and a triple from former UCAM Murcia, Charlon Kloof. Sito Alonso's men could not find the key and BC MoraBanc played at pleasure with an intense defense and many hands and fast offensive transitions accompanied by success. Two consecutive triples, one more from Kloof and another from Palsson, placed 36 at 19 at 5'56 "by the break. Andorran differences increased to 21 points with a 2 + 1 from Hannah for 41 at 20. Seven consecutive points from Frankamp, pure American talent, lowered the rent to 17 points for 47 to 30. Ibon Navarro's time-out woke up his team and the break was reached with a partial of 8 to 1 for 55 to 31 and a +24 on the email.

In the resumption there was no change and BC MoraBanc continued to offer its choral game led by Clevin Hannah from the direction of play and also by the offensive success of the 'temporary' Charlon Kloof. Two former UCAM Murcia players. The partial at the beginning of the third quarter was from 2 to 9 to place the Murcians at 17 points with 57 to 40, but the response of Ibon Navarro's men was immediate to once again achieve maximum differences with +27 with 69 to 42 and with the final 72 to 45. The third quarter ended with an 'alley-hoop' from 'Tunde' after an assist from Hannah. Those of Sito Alonso were already beginning to show the white flag of surrender.

In the last quarter, BC MoraBanc took to the track to reserve strength for Wednesday, but highlighted the contribution in the paint of a 'rookie' in the ACB like Malik Dime with six consecutive points to place the 80 to 52. The relaxation appeared in the Andorran and Frankamp took advantage of it to make up the electronic with a partial of 0 to 12 in the last two minutes of the game. Of course, UCAM Murcia was unknown and did not show those good feelings left during the preseason. From +28 (80 to 52) it went to 84 to 66 final.

Photos from as.com
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